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Quality Beauty Store offers a wide range of lash adhesive / glue specifically formulated for semi-permanent eyelash extensions depending on eyelash extension technician requirements.

We carefully select our eyelash extension glue suppliers and all our lash adhesives are of highest quality and are ISO medically approved.

Our eyelash glues are divided into 3 main categories depending on their characteristics:

Glues with high fumes and strong bonding power which include the most popular and bestselling glues: QBS Ultra Plus glue, Blink Ultra Plus glue, Blink Ultra X glue, Premium Ultra Plus glue, SKY S and Sky S+ Type glue, Blink DIU glue for 3D and volume lashes.
Glues with moderate fumes and strong bonding power which include Blink Ultra Bonding glue, Blink Ulbon glue, Blink Fina glue, Blink Ez glue, Premium HS-11 glue, Premium Elite 3D glue designed for 3D and volume lashes.
Glues for sensitive eyes with minimum or no fumes which include Blink Advanced glue, Premium AD+ glue, Premium A-type glue (beginners glue).

The shelf-life of the glues is 6 months and once opened up to 3 months.

All our eyelash adhesives are recommended for professional use only. If you need an advice in choosing the right glue don’t hesitate to contact us and will get in touch with at the soonest possible time.

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