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Eyelash Extension Glue

One of the key products you will need for the eyelash extensions treatment is the glue. Currently, there are many different eyelash adhesives on the market and sometimes it could be a really daunting task to choose the right one. At the Quality Beauty Store, we understand that the good glue is the key to excellent results as well as to 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of lash artists have therefore prepared a short guide on how to choose your best eyelash extension glue from our store.

Which eyelash extension glue should I use?

When choosing an eyelash extension glue, it is really important to consider a few important things:

  • Do you require glue for the classic or volume lashes?
  • How does your client’s eye react to chemical ingredients?
  • What temperature and humidity do you work under?
    • For Russian Volume lashes, we recommend using our QBS Volume Plus glue. It has a really quick drying time and an excellent retention period. On average, clients come back after 4 weeks for infills. However, according to our established network of lash ambassadors, this product can last for up to 6 weeks under the proper application.
      Our bestselling lash adhesive for classic lashes is the QBS Ultra Plus glue which has a very quick setting time. This was the very first product we introduced under the QBS label and over the years we have received a lot of high praise for it. Bonding can last for up to 5 weeks without infills.
      We do acknowledge the fact that lash adhesive has chemical ingredients in it therefore not all eyes will react in the same way. This led us to develop the glue that is suitable for sensitive eyes – our own hypoallergenic adhesive the QBS Safety Glue. It is also an excellent product for beginner technicians as it has a bit slower drying time thus giving you enough room for corrections and adjustments. Crucially, this product has little or no fumes, therefore, making it an excellent all-around glue for sensitive eyes.
      Whichever glue you are using always keep in mind how you go about your pre-treatment procedures. Use our QBS Primer before your treatment in order to disinfect and clean your natural lashes as this will significantly increase the bonding period.

What are the optimum working temperature and humidity for eyelash glues?

We always advise our clients that the proper humidity level to work under is between 20C to 24C degrees. The humidity levels should not go over 60% with the ideal range being from 40%-60%. The reason for this is the fact that eyelash extension glues contain a chemical element called the Cyanoacrylate that reacts to moisture levels. Therefore in high or low humidity, the product will not set correctly and consequently will slow down your treatment.

What other eyelash glues are available from the Quality Beauty Store?

We always advise to experiment with different adhesives and find the ones you like the most and stick to them. For your convenience, we have made a shortlist of products we stock that were not developed by us, but are sold at our store and are regularly used at our salon:

  • BL Lashes Ultra Plus glue – formerly known as the Blink Ultra Plus, this is one of the best and most establishes products in the industry. This glue is best known for quick drying time and thin consistency.
  • Neicha Elite Plus glue – Neicha is a famous brand in the eyelash extension industry, and this is their best solution for the Russian Volume technique.
  • SKY S+ glue – excellent value product that is suitable for both classic and volume lashes.
  • Premium AD+ glue – hypoallergenic glue that is best known for being very easy on eyes. Suitable for clients with really sensitive eyes.

Just as with our range of QBS Eyelash Glues, you can have any of these products as part of eyelash extension starter kits available from our store.
It is really important to perform a proper patch test at least 24 hours before treatment in order to see how a client’s skin reacts to the glue. Finally, please keep in mind that ALL eyelash glues at our store are designed for PROFESSIONAL use only.

What else do I get with my eyelash extension glue?

When ordering lash glue from the Quality Beauty Store, you will also receive the following accessories that will help you get the most of your product:

  • Silica Sac – to keep the moisture away from your product.
  • Red Pin – to help you get the glue out of the bottle.
  • Complimentary glue ring for more convenient use.
  • Specially designed protective bag to store your glue when not in use.

How to store correctly your eyelash extension glue?

One of the most overlooked problems of eyelash extension glue is the actual storage of the product. There is no doubt, that it is always best to use fresh and new glue before each and every procedure. However, this is not always possible nor this is feasible in terms of costs.
From our experience, the crucial thing is not to allow temperature fluctuations when the glue is not in use. Avoid any sun exposure as much as possible. We also do not recommend storing your glues in the fridge as this can prove too much when taking it out for treatments. You can read more about how to store your glues here.

Who can help me after I purchase my glue?

Whichever glue you choose we are always here to help you and support you should there be a problem. You can rely on all the feedback we gathered over the years being in the eyelash extension industry. We dispatch all orders 6 days a week, so even if you need your product on really short notice you can be sure that if you place your order before 3 PM you will get your product the next working day (UK Customers Only).
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