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The thing all of us appreciate the most is time. Unfortunately, quite often for succeeding perfect result, masters have to spend hours, creating the miracle, but customers are forced to sacrifice their time for beauty.

Due to it QBS (Quality Beauty Store) had found simple and great solution- Ultra Plus Eyelash Extension Glue, which is remarked as one of the fastest eyelash extension adhesives.

Why would it be the best choice you can make?

Natural and Pure

Nowadays we are trying to change appearance without making global changes and avoid making everything that noticeable, using other words, we are still giving our preference to the natural beauty.

That’s why the color of the glue is black, so it makes it look just as the continuation of your own eyelashes. Sometimes people complain about white eyelash extension glues, QBS provides its customers only with the best tested and comfortable solutions!

Fast and practical

Ultra Plus Eyelash extension glue is special, because liquid becomes dry in 2-3 seconds and there are no risks of eyelashes clumping or your eyes getting hurt. According to the experience of specialists, drying time is the primary key in beauty business. Because of the fast and strong bonding time, you are guaranteed to wear your eyelashes for 5-6 weeks! Taking into account all the details, it’s important to mark, that shelf life of the product is 6 months (3 months after the opening).

All included

Purchasing Ultra Plus Eyelash Glue won’t cause you any worries, since together with buying the glue you will receive all the items for its storage and use. Preservation will be easy and understandable, so you can always count on the safe result of the work.

We totally understand that Eye Extension Glue is very individual item and not all of the customers give their preferences to one particular product. What should be noted is that we can help you out with finding alternatives, exactly for your extended eyelashes, so you would be satisfied! Or even recommend to check out likewise adhesives by HS or BLINK.

Already envisaged steps

Whenever you come across any problems or additional questions about our product, you can always rely on all the instructions about the storage and use, given on our website.

We want to pay your attention on the fact, that our product is made only for professional use.

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