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Nourish and Revitalize your Lashes with Lash Serums

Do lash serums work?

Everyone aspires to have a pair of luscious lashes, and many of us turn to lash extensions to get that long fluttering effect. However, we all know that the best bet is to have all-natural, long and thick lashes to frame our eyes. This is where lash growth products come in. However, many are questioning do lash serums work?

According to research into the use of serums by cosmetics experts, they do. This is because these products contain a variety of lab-tested ingredients. These ingredients enhance, lengthen, and volumize the lashes. As well as lengthening and volumizing effects, eye treatment products may also be designed to provide essential nutrients that strengthen eyelashes.

How do lash serums work?

You may be wondering how lash serums work? These products work by utilizing a variety of nutrients such as plant extracts, vitamins, or peptides to nourish and replenish the lashes. These nutrients improve the health of lash hair helping them to grow to their full potential. Lash growth treatments will also contain some oils which protect the lashes from pollutants while replenishing natural oils and moisture. This oil or moisture may have been stripped away during cleansing.

Which lash serums work?

When buying such a product, you should know which lash serums work well. Look for a product containing biotin. This is a B vitamin and strengthening keratin in eyelash hair. You should also see if products contain polypeptides and carnosine such as found in BL Lashes MD Advanced Lash Serum. These ingredients promote growth thus lengthening lashes.

You may also look for products containing bimatoprost if you suffer from hair fall or excessively scanty lashes. This ingredient is used to increase thickness, volume, and length. Products containing bimatoprost should be used with excessive care since they can damage eye health if it comes in contact with eyes.

How to use lash-enhancing serums

Lash enhancing serums may be used before sleep by applying serum directly to the lash line using the applicator. You should be starting from the inner corner of the eye and carefully working your way to the outer corner.

The Top 5 Lash Growth Serums

There are several good quality products that are available on the market these days, so we decided to make our top 5 lash growth serums shortlist.

Neicha Ample Lash Essence Serum £9.89

As the name suggests this has ample nutrients to boost growth and strengthen lash hair so that you can meet your lash goals. This serum will also replenish essential oils and moisture to condition your lashes.

Luxuriant Eyelash Serum £9.99

This serum contains hydrolyzed collagen and other nutrients that give your lashes a revitalizing boost. Luxuriant eyelash treatment also lengthens and increases lash volume for a fuller and dramatic look.

Neicha Eyelash Treatment £6.99

This contains conditioning and nurturing ingredients that will replenish your lashes and eyebrows with essential moisture and oils while also improving growth. With the help of this product, you can attain the lustrous lashes you have always dreamed about.

BL Lashes MD Advanced Lash Serum £19.99

MD Advanced serum from BL Lashes contains carnosine and polypeptides to enhance and promote lash hair growth and get thicker better-looking lashes. Get visible results with this nutrient-packed growth product.

BL Lashes Rich Eyebrow Serum £20.99

This product revitalizes thin eyebrows and promotes growth for people suffering from scanty eyebrow hair. It is full of concentrated vitamins, peptides, and other nutrients that strengthen and revitalize hair. It also restores moisture which has been stripped away by excessive cleaning.

Other Lash Serums available on the market.

There are also good products that you can find in high street stores. For example, Latisse is a lash serum which was developed as a medicine for other purposes. This is a product for people with thin lashes. Latisse is available as prescription-only in many countries.

Other lash serums include Vichy LiftActiv Serum, this product contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid to smoothen fine lines on the lids while the plant extracts used in this eye cream will restore moisture. Rimmel London Lash Accelerator promises to deliver on the promise implicit in its name by helping your lashes reach phenomenal lengths.

Are lash growth serums safe?

Even with all the hype surrounding lash serums, you should know when lash growth serums are safe to use. Lash serums should be used with care. It is important to check expiry dates and discontinue if inflammation or itching occurs. Lash serums should contain a full list of ingredients and you should not use them if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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