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Tweezers for eyelash extension

How to choose Eyelash Tweezers?

Eyelash tweezers are one of the most important tools in each eyelash extension treatment. Quite often the importance of this accessory is overlooked, as technicians focus solely on the quality of the glue and lashes. However, all the hard work will come to waste if your tweezers do not perform well. Our team of lash experts have prepared a short guide on how to find the best tweezers for eyelashes.

Where can I find a good pair of lash extension tweezers?

Just like with the eyelash extensions and glues, at the Quality Beauty Store, we stock a large selection of precision stainless steel lash extension tweezers. The reason why we regard our QBS tweezers to be the best tweezers for eyelashes is that they were developed by our team of eyelash extension experts at our QBS Beauty Lounge and are manufactured from high grade surgical stainless steel. Because some of our lash artists use their left hand, they require slightly different spec of tweezers from those who use the right hand. Therefore we have developed models for each type of technician.

All tweezers from our store are ultra-lightweight, and nonmagnetic which means that lashes do not stick to the metal part which in turn makes the application process quick and hassle-free. The prices for our lash extension tweezers start from just £5.99 per pair. To get the best value, you can order a set where you get isolation tweezers Q-4 and curved tweezers Q-9. All lash art tweezers from our store will have complimentary QBS branded leather pouch included.

What are the pointed tweezers for?

QBS pointed lash extension tweezers are designed for ingrown hairs and splinters. The long and pointed tips on these tweezers allow for easier accuracy. This type of tweezers is best of eyelash isolation as their pointy nose allows you to point out even the shortest and thinnest of lashes. Also, ideal to use for hard reach areas. These are the current straight pointed models that we offer at our store:

  • Q-2 (110mm, straight)
  • Q-3 (140mm, straight)
  • Q-4 (135mm, straight)

Shop Quality Beauty Store for pointed lash tweezers and collect reward points which you can then redeem against other eyelash products such as glues and eyelashes.

What are the curved tweezers for?

When choosing curved tweezers, one has to consider that different shapes of the tips are designed for different types of application. We are stocking various types of angles so that you can find the right tool depending on your pick up technique.

  • Classic Curve – the tip of these tweezers is only slightly curved. These are the most common curved tweezers on the market and are great to work with premade fans.
  • L-Shaped Tip – best tweezers for the full volume set. The key advantage of this shape is the wide coverage area of the tip which allows picking up all types of thicknesses and shapes.
  • 45° Shape – great isolation tweezers, and can be used as a substitute to straight, pointed tweezers.
  • 60° Shape – These are designed to create volume fans directly from the tray strip.
  • 90° Shape – The most versatile shape for creating volume fans both on hand and on tray strip.

Which are the best lash extension tweezers available from QBS?

The following curved lash extension tweezers are available from our store:

  • Q-1 (115mm, volume)
  • Q-2 (115mm, volume)
  • Q-5 (120mm, curved)
  • Q-6 (125mm, curved)
  • Q-7 (130mm, curved)
  • Q-8 (140mm, curved)

When choosing the best tweezers for eyelashes the easiest way to check if your tweezers are light and comfortable is to do 15 to 20 press-ups. If your wrist isn’t tired after this exercise then you have found a perfect pair of tweezers. Cheaper products have drawbacks when it comes to the cover area which is typically around 1-2mm. For an easy and hassle-free application process, you would need at least 4mm cover area.

What other lash art tweezers are available on the market?

A popular option these days are tweezers made from Japanese steel. The key advantage of Japanese steel is its lightness. However, as the cost of material is considerably higher, these types of eyelash tweezers are much more expensive with the prices start from £60 and higher. Check our Peony volume tweezers from BL Lashes if you are considering this option.
At the Quality Beauty Store, we also stock Vetus High Precision lash art tweezers. Vetus is an established brand in the surgical material industry and its products enjoy a high reputation worldwide.

What are the best tweezers for eyelashes for starter kits?

As we have already mentioned all eyelash extension tweezers from our store are available as part of the Eyelash Starter Kit. The standard pair of lash art tweezers is Q-4 & Q-9; however, we always give our clients the choice of their own when it comes to customizing their kits. If you would like any other model in your set, drop us a quick message before placing your order and we will be happy to replace them at no extra cost. However, if you are new to eyelash extensions, our team of lash experts will make sure you will get the best tweezers for eyelashes in your eyelash extension kit.

What are the best tweezers for volume lash extensions?

Volume tweezers are specifically designed for Russian Volume eyelash extensions. The purpose of these types of models is to easily create volume fans. Our models Q-1 and Q-2 are the best tweezers for volume lash extensions. These eyelash tweezers are easy to work with and allow you to quickly find the sweet spot to make your hand feel comfortable.
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