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Hair growth

Maybe you simply want to make your hair grow faster or are struggling with chronic hair loss due to disease, stress, or medication, lush hair growth certainly is an important goal for you. What if we told you that it was totally achievable with the MCCM Medical Cosmetics Topic Line? According to numerous studies, long, strong hair is a result of multiple factors, including a healthy scalp, all of which MCCM products are designed to address – check them out!

Hair growth shampoo

MCCM offers three kinds of shampoo – since the well-being of your scalp is what matters the most, choose the one most suitable for your needs. MCCM Frequency is a gentle, soothing shampoo that delicately cleans the scalp without harming its microenvironment. Owing to its cassia extract and thyme content, it effectively stimulates the growth of bright, shining hair. MCCM Anti Dandruff cares for scalps struggling with all types of dandruff without being too harsh on the hair and the skin. What many do not know, the overgrowth of Malassezia furfur, the species of fungi naturally present on our skin, results in increased oxidative stress of the cells of the scalp which subsequently leads to excessive hair loss. That is why proper anti-dandruff care is so crucial in supporting hair growth. Meanwhile, MCCM Antiseborrhea successfully tackles the oiliness of the scalp without bringing it out of its balanced state. Superfluous accumulation of lipids on the scalp may also be a contributor to the detrimental Malassezia overgrowth. Moreover, what is also noteworthy to mention, the shampoos are suitable both for women and men.

Hair growth serum

Apart from a properly selected shampoo, a high-quality hair and scalp serum is also a must when it comes to stimulating hair growth. After all, a hair serum is a product with the highest concentration of active ingredients, hence will provide the most visible effects with regular use. MCCM Medical Cosmetics has come up with an innovative combination of Hair Peel and Hair Growth Sprays that you can use together for an enforced, powerful treatment. Additionally, since both products are sprays, they are so effortless to apply. Hair Peel is a gentle cleansing solution that softens the scalp and prepares it for better absorption and hydration that will come with the second step of the treatment. Hair Growth Spray supplies the skin with the essential health-giving nutrients and vitamins, making the hair notably stronger and shinier as well as stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, which has been proven to positively affect hair growth. The hair is undeniably healthier and more voluminous.

At the same time, treating your scalp with a delicate peel, like MCCM Glycolic Acid, will only bring additional benefits to the table. Glycolic Acid, a gentle AHA peel, not only stimulates efficient skin cell turnover which equals faster hair growth but also gets rid of the amassed skin debris on the top of the scalp, which could negatively affect pilosity. Furthermore, it effectively attracts water to the skin, making the scalp healthily hydrated.

Hair growth oil

A proper amount of hair oil can indeed elevate the appearance of every hairdo, instantly providing the hair with extra glow and shine. Moreover, it can make such an effect long-term, when used regularly as an intensive treatment. MCCM Proteoglycans Airless Solution will transform even the finest hair into lush and voluminous locks. A combination of Proteoglycans and Castor Oil has a confirmedly revitalizing effect on the scalp, significantly improving its overall health. The skin of the head becomes visibly more hydrated and nourished. The antioxidant properties of the ingredients avert hair breakage and hair loss, simultaneously strengthening the hair and making it grow faster. This effect is only accentuated by increased production of collagen – a staple protein in terms of improving the condition of your hair. To get the most out of the treatment, apply the solution mostly on the scalp, but also hair, for a few hours before washing them with shampoo. To maximize the effect, you can tie your hair up in a bun to increase the absorption of active ingredients. When used regularly, the hair is evidently more voluminous and healthier.

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