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Everything you need to know about SPMU

Have you ever wished to have thicker lashes or fuller lips? If yes, you must be familiar with semi-permanent makeup techniques which are quite common in the entertainment industry. However, a stigma is attached to these procedures, which stops people from experimenting. If you are confused about lip-filling or eyelash extensions, keep on reading and find your answers.

SPMU Micropigments

SPMU Micropigments are used to correct and amplify a person’s facial features. This type of pigmentation is done using different methods and components depending upon your demands. For example, to amplify your eyebrows, a black pigment will be injected in-between your natural brow hairs so that they appear fuller. Similarly, a light pink pigment is added in your outer lip line to give it beautiful curves and enhanced glow.

A high-quality SPMU procedure is ideal for sensitive skin as it doesn’t show any side effects. Instead, this pigmentation is endorsed by several dermatologists because of its no-harm persona.

What is SPMU?

SPMU is the abbreviation of semi-permanent makeup, a procedure used to add micro pigments in the outer layer of your skin. This process is performed to shape eyebrows, thicken the eyelashes, and to curve the lips. Since these features define the look of your face, SPMU is gaining popularity amongst all age groups because of its efficacy and harmless processing. Now that you know what is SPMU we can compare it to other types of techniques.

What is the difference between microblading and SPMU?

Microblading is mostly associated with eyebrows where a hand-held tool is used to fill pigment in the upper layer of the client’s skin. When you go for microblading, your skin will be sliced so that the needles can fill pigment in it.

Although micro-blading is considered to be more painful, it’s not. Secondary anaesthesia is used on your skin before this procedure. However, micro-blading doesn’t last long and requires regular touch-ups, depending upon the package you opt for.

On the other hand, SPMU uses a machine to make the place for pigment implantation in your skin. This mini machine works like a common tattooing tool and varies in frequency with each process being carried out.

SPMU is more long-lasting, less painful, and diverse than other methods of feature enhancement. Also, since an inert pigment is used for SPMU, its adverse impacts are negligible.

Where to buy pigments for makeup?

Quality Beauty Store is the best seller of micro pigments in the UK. Our product line includes eyebrow pigments, colour correctors, lip tints, and liquid eyeliners altogether. You can buy these high-quality pigments from QBS and get the procedure done from your preferred laser/dermatology clinic.

All of these pigments are made from inert and reliable components that suit every skin type alike.

Exclusive inert Semi permanent makeup pigments

Semi-Permanent Makeup pigments are used to enhance your facial features and give them a glow by making them proportionate. If your lips feel thinner when compared to your face size, semi-permanent makeup pigments will fix that for you. Similarly, having low eyelash and eyebrow growth can make your face look bland. But luckily, that is also workable when you opt for SPMU methods.

Painless SPMU eyebrows

Re-defining your eyebrow shape is feasible with painless SPMU eyebrow techniques and micro-blading. As we mentioned earlier, micro-blading does the same job as SPMU except that it doesn’t involve a tattooing machine. If you have unbalanced brows or want to thicken them, our exclusive pain-less SPMU eyebrow techniques are here for you. These are painless and long-lasting methods that make your brows more voluminous with an inert pigment.

Natural-looking SPMU lips

Whether you want a beautiful lip line or protruding lips, our natural-looking SPMU lips treatments can do both for you. Lips amplify your face’s look and play an essential part in defining your persona. To change your lips’ look, go for a natural-looking filling and see the results in real-time.

Professional SPMU training

Before getting any of the above-described methods done, make sure your therapist has professional SPMU training. If you go for a random saloon, it can damage your skin/features, which is quite understandable by the number of uncertified SPMU clinics present across the country. That’s the reason we recommend you to see a saloon’s professional certification before dealing with them.

High-quality SPMU supplies the UK

QBS is known for its high-quality SPMU supplies in the UK, which are endorsed by major saloons and dermatologists alike. At the moment we have two brands of micro pigments on offer:

  • LUANES – presents high-quality micro pigment products for the most natural permanent lip & brow makeup. A unique formulation of LUANES products provides safe pigmentation and long-lasting unchangeable colours. Suitable for both manual and machine use. Available in 10ml and 15ml bottles.
  • GOOCHIE Micropigments – long-lasting pigments that are suitable for all types of permanent makeup machines. This is an organic pigment, there is particle precipitation, therefore it does not dissolve in water or oil. Available in 15ml bottles.
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