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Depigmentation creams

Melanin is something that has been naturally embedded in our skin whether we like it or not – that is also why it is relatively hard to get rid of it when it comes hyperpigmentation, especially of skin on the face. But worry not, there are always ways and among them you can find many effective depigmentation treatments that will meet your needs. Check out our wide range of anti-hyperpigmentation creams and see which one suits you best. 

Skin depigmentation

When making their formulas, MCCM Medical Cosmetics opts for efficiently nipping the problem in the bud, rather than addressing only the superficial symptoms. It can be seen in the ingredient lists of their depigmentation products that target melanogenesis – the synthesis of skin pigment, melanin, in the skin layers.

They put a stop to the whole process by inhibiting tyrosinase – an enzyme crucial for melanogenesis, without which it cannot go on. Accordingly, less melanin is being produced and the complexion appears lighter.

Depigmentation cream for moles

Melanocytic naevi, also commonly called moles, are frequently occuring benign skin lesions that happen due to a local proliferation (or growth) of the melanocytes, the skin pigment producing cells. It is no coincidence that formulas rich in ingredients which hinder melanogenesis will be extraordinarily effective here.

MCCM Medical Cosmetics offers Melano Out Cream – a very powerful combination of skin lightening substances: Arbutin, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid and Lactic Acid – they all inhibit melanin synthesis in the skin. Besides, they possess other exceptionally beneficial properties that only help the skin regenerate itself after the depigmentation treatment. The formula is the most abundant in Glycyrrhetinic Acid – a bioactive compound extracted from licorice that remarkably facilitates wound repair by modulating the skin’s inflammatory response as well as the production of collagen. Not only does the complexion become lighter, but also gets softer and soothed.

Depigmentation lotion

If your pigmentary skin condition happens to affect the skin of the body, MCCM Medical Cosmetics also has a treatment option up its sleeve. Melano Out Body Cream has been specially formulated for the skin of the body, which is significantly thicker than the skin of the face.

Therefore, the lotion is richly concentrated in Arbutin and Ascorbic Acid – two powerful tyrosinase-inhibitors that curb melanogenesis. Ascorbic Acid additionally is a strong antioxidant, which notably amplifies its skin lightening characteristics. Besides, MCCM has added alpha hydroxy acids and Azelaic Acid to the formula, not only to enhance the depigmentation, but also to allow the other active ingredients penetrate the thicker skin of the body more effectively.

Depigmentation treatments

Apart from over-the-counter treatment options, especially if your hyperpigmentation is persistent and long-lasting, it may be best to visit a professional’s office for their therapy alternatives. They might include anything from more concentrated peels to exceptionally strong skin whitening agents like hydroquinone. No matter what is best for your thought, MCCM Medical Cosmetics has come up with a formula which will safely and effectively enhance the skin lightening action of your main treatment.

Melano Out Whitening Cream is rich in skin soothing Apricot Kernel Oil, that on the other hand is abundant in anti-inflammatory, protective lipids as well as vitamin E, or tocopherol – a truly powerful antioxidant. Simultaneously, a mixture of carefully selected alpha and beta hydroxy acids will gently exfoliate the skin to make it even brighter and more luminous post treatment. Lastly, Allantoin will beautifully calm the irritated complexion.

Depigmentation peel

For skin depigmentation, you can come across many harsh peels that may not exactly feel good on your skin. Nonetheless, what if we transfer the effective peeling properties into a relaxing anti-hyperpigmentation face mask? Check out MCCM Melano Out Mask. It is abundant both in skin lightening and skin exfoliating ingredients.

At the same time, Lactic Acid will strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier as well as boost its moisture levels, while Glycyrrhetinic Acid will alleviate any skin irritation.

Depigmentation of skin on the face

If you struggle with hyperpigmentation of the skin on the face, to achieve the best results you may try combining Melano Out Cream as your main depigmentation product with Melano Out Mask to boost the cream’s effects whenever you feel like taking a breather or pampering yourself. If you ever think that you need stronger agents, a consultation with a dermatologist will be necessary.

Nevertheless, no matter what option you go for, it is absolutely imperative that you wear your sunscreen everyday throughout the whole cycle of your depigmentation treatment.

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