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Russian volume lashes

There is a widespread debate on whether you should create volume lashes by hand or purchase a premade volume lash fans. As we know, the traditional lash artists love to create contour and expression, and for a long time, the general impression was that the premade fans really limited lash makers’ creativity.

However, over the past few years, premade 3D lashes in UK have improved dramatically, and you now have the ultra-light volume fans that are much safer to use. The main thinking behind this product is that premade volume fans are designed to speed up the application process.

Eyelash Extensions Questions & Answers

What are premade fans?

Traditional premade volume lashes are set up on a tray and are already pre-bonded at the base. There are two ways your premade lash fans could be bonded. They can either be glued together or heated by melting the tips.
The main argument against pre fanned volume lashes in UK was that it added a lot of weight because of the glue used to pre-bond the base and then an additional glue to bond it to natural lashes. Having additional weight could cause damage to the natural lash. Premade lashes from the Quality Beauty Store are very light and only uses a tiny bit of glue to hold the strand together.

What are the advantages of pre fanned lashes?

Time-saving – using premade lash fans significantly decreases application time. You can do a full set of volume lashes in just 30 minutes.
Ease of use – premade lashes is an excellent solution for those who are not trained in the Russian Volume lashes. For example, it only takes a few seconds to pick your 5D lashes from the tray, whereas it could take considerably more time to craft one yourself.Costs – traditional Russian Volume lash treatment could be quite costly. At our QBS Beauty Lounge Russian Volume treatments start from £50 for the 3D lashes and can go all the way up to £90 for 10D lashes. Normally, those treatments using pre fanned lashes are less expensive as treatment times are greatly reduced.

What are cluster lashes?

Cluster lashes are just another term for the premade volume fans. They are called clusters because when this type of product first appeared on the market there used to be a knot that held the single lashes together. Because they were tied in a bunch or clusters, the name “cluster lashes” appeared. As the technique changed, and knotted lashes became out-dated, the common term “premade fans” replaced the term “cluster”.

How long do premade volumes fans last?

Similar to traditional Russian Volume lashes, the bonding time, as well as the setting time, will depend on the quality of glue and pre-treatment procedures you perform. We cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the right eyelash extension adhesive in order to get the best out of your lashes. The eyelash adhesive we really recommend to use on pre fanned volume lashes in UK is the QBS Volume Plus glue, as it has fast setting time and really long bonding period.

TOP TIP! Use lash serum on your natural lashes to foster growth and strength. Lash Serums from the Quality Beauty Store will make sure your lashes are not damaged whilst wearing premade fans.

What premade lashes can I buy?

At the Quality Beauty Store, you can order pre fanned volume lashes in both separate trays as well as loose jars. If you are a beginner lash maker you can order from as little as 100 individual strands per jar. For more experienced technicians, we advise buying 300 strands and more. Our Loventure® 3D volume lashes are excellent value for money, and you can also have them in your QBS Starter Kit. Below is a little summary of what premade lashes can you order from our store:

  • Premium Premade 6D-10D Volume Fans – comes in 100 handcrafted strands with the choice of curl, thickness and length. Prices start from as little as £6.99 per jar.
  • Premium Premade 3D-10D Volume Fans – comes in 300 handcrafted strands with the choice of curl, thickness and length. Prices start from as little as £7.95 per jar.
  • Loventure® Premade Volume Fans – handcrafted fans on 12 line lash tray. Select your own curl, thickness and length.
  • Bouquet of Lily Fans – handmade pre fanned lashes. As with other volume fans, you can select your own sizes. This product also comes in mixed lengths.

How do I apply premade lashes?

Whichever premade lash fans you will use you would need a good pair of tweezers for your volume lash treatment. At the Quality Beauty Store, we hold a large collection of tweezers specifically designed to work with premade fans. Our range of QBS tweezers is very popular amongst clients who do 3D lashes in UK.
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