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SPF 50 Face cream

Since the deleterious impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin’s health was pointed up a few decades ago, it goes without saying that regular use of solar skin care is a must. At the same time, as in stores it teems with sunscreens of miscellaneous kinds, it turns out that a face cream with SPF 50 might be the best option for everyone.

SPF, or sun protection factor, tells us how longer we could be exposed to ultraviolet radiation before burning compared to when wearing no sunscreen. Accordingly, if it took us 10 minutes to burn the skin without any sun protection, with SPF 50 on, it would take us 500 minutes, or approximately a bit more than 8 hours. It makes a huge difference. Simultaneously, experts say that wearing anything higher than SPF 50 is not by any means effective. As much as expected protection generally increases with the SPF number, a significant difference is already almost gone between SPF 30 and SPF 50 – protection against UVB with SPF 30 is estimated to be 97% at its highest, while with SPF 50, 98% of the sun rays are blocked. Moreover, it has been scientifically shown that people wearing SPF 100 notably more often tend to forget about reapplying sunscreen, or even feel no need to do so, convinced by a high SPF number on their sunblock’s packaging.

Face cream with SPF

What is imperative to touch upon, is the fact that SPF has nothing to do with protection against UVA radiation. Both kinds of rays are equally dangerous to the skin, yet in somehow different ways. UVB is of a shorter wavelength, penetrates more superficial layers of the skin, and is mostly associated with sunburn and various types of skin cancer. UVA, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength, therefore penetrates more deeply into the skin, and is much more connected with the external skin aging, which only superimposes on the manifestations of internal skin aging, or the one naturally intertwined with the process of becoming older. The skin loses its firm structure and elasticity as well as holds in moisture with much more difficulty, hence becomes rough, wrinkled, and sallow. Concurrently, it is more prone to hyperpigmented skin lesions like lentigines, which also can give rise to skin cancer. For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial to look for UVA protection alongside UVB protection when buying solar skin care products. SPF is extremely important, yet not everything that we have to check.

SPF Face cream

At Quality Beauty Store, we offer dermatologically-tested, highest quality SPF 50 sunscreens to ensure the highest protection that simultaneously brings about additional benefits to the skin’s well-being.

Sun cream SPF 50

MCCM Sun Cream 50+ is so versatile that it comes in all shapes and sizes – you can choose a smaller 50 ml tube, to carry your sunscreen with you wherever you go, or a 200 ml tube if you plan to use it on larger areas of the skin. If you are practical, it is noteworthy to mention that its formula is suitable for both the face and the body. Because of its ultra-high protection, due to a combination of chemical and physical SPF, it is especially recommended for those after surgical, chemical, and laser treatments or taking particular medication that makes their skin more sensitive to the sun. Besides it, the cream also moisturizes and soothes the skin, making it visibly more hydrated with no signs of irritation. It fits every skin type.

Best face cream with SPF

If you are looking for an SPF moisturizer specifically for the skin of the face, MCCM Sun Cream SPF 50 II would be perfect for you. Apart from averting the sun-related damage, it gives the skin everything else it needs. A powerful combination of water-binding ingredients including Urea, Serine, and Glycerin quenches even the most dehydrated skin types. Simultaneously, Allantoin soothes any kind of already present irritation as well as prevents the formation of a new one. Tocopherol, one of the most potent known antioxidants, only enhances the protection against sun-related damage, making the skin visibly healthier and more youthful. Lastly, Mimosa Tenuiflora ultimately strengthens and revitalizes the skin, due to its extraordinary regenerative properties. MCCM Sun Cream SPF 50 II literally has everything that one could want in a sunscreen, still keeping the ingredient list simple and suitable for all skin types.

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