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Eyelash Adhesive Remover

A complete offering of professional beauty supplies is our speciality here at the Quality Beauty Store. We know that having a wide range of products means that we have to offer the best of what the industry has to offer. Although some products are used more than others, it is important to have a full range of lash extension supplies. High quality eyelash remover is the product we always need in stock yet rarely use. This tool is essential for every professional. No service should be done without a good remover stocked. Why? Read more as we explain how it is used and how to price it.

How Do you dissolve eyelash glue with professional eyelash remover?

First, make sure you have all of your supplies and station set up. Similar to a full set service, you’ll need eye pads or tape to secure the bottom eyelashes down. Once secure double-check the inner and outer corners of each eye to make sure the top lashes didn’t get caught under the eye pads. Use a tissue to create a barrier between the client’s forehead and your hands. Once you select the best professional eyelash remover for your treatment, dispense a small amount on your sanitary work tile. Use a micro swab stick to coat the portion of the extension bonded to the natural lash. Allow the product to soak for the time instructed. After the instructed time expires, gently sweep the extensions of the natural lashes.

How long does it take to remove eyelash extensions?

The time it may take to completely remove eyelash extensions will vary based on extension density and how new the set is. If the treatment was done fairly recently the soak time and removal time will be slightly longer. Versus if the set was put on weeks later, the soak time and removal process will be shorter. The typical appointment time for this kind of service is usually 30 minutes. This includes consultation (if needed), set up, break down, and lash removal. Don’t forget to have a squeeze bottle of saline solution or water, just in case the client’s eyes start to burn. Immediately stop the service and rinse the eyes out to subdue the irritation.

How do I remove an eyelash from my eye?

Having an eyelash in your eye is a situation no one wants. There are a number of reasons single lash can get stuck in your eye, from brushing loose extensions out, or waking up from sleeping on your side, or rubbing your eyes… the list can go on.

If you find yourself or a client in this situation, it’s important to locate the extension. If it’s visible under the lid, it’s important not to rub it farther back or behind the eyeball. Most times, you can maneuver the extension enough to gently lift it out of the eye with the pad of your sanitized finger. Typically, the extensions will lift off the eye onto your finger pad. If that solution does not work, it is advised to immediately consult with a physician to assist in removing the loose extensions from your eye. Do not use sharp tools near your eye. You may experience excess eye-watering, redness and irritation. The goal is not only to remove the extensions, but also make sure your eye does not get scratched. Blinking several times can also cause the extension to farther back or close to visibility. Either way, it is best to consult a medical professional if the extension is unreachable.

What is the best eyelash remover available from the Quality Beauty Store?

At the Quality Beauty Store, we understand that one product will not meet every customer’s needs. Which is why we offer a wide variety of debonding products for you to choose from so you can decide which one is the best eyelash remover for your practice? For starters, we include QBS Gel remover in all of our starter kits to ensure you are equipped to start lashing right away. The best way to decide which product is best for you is to analyze your budget and speak to one of our professionals to help you make the best choice for your practice.

How much does lash remover for lash extensions cost?

We offer gel, liquid and cream lash remover for lash extensions, ranging from less than £6 to £15. Here are some of the products available for purchase right now:

  • QBS Gel Remover 15ml – £6.99
  • QBS Liquid Remover 10ml – £5.99
  • Premium Gel Remover with Grapefruit Scent – £6.99
  • “Excellent” Cream Type Remover 15ml – £8.99

These are just some of the popular choices we stock, to see the full selection of our lash removers click here. (link)

Who can help me to choose the right remover eyelash extensions?

The professionals here at Quality Beauty Supply are your professional resource and support you need in selecting the best remover for eyelash within your budget.

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