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Meso pyruvic pack 30%

Did you know that every chemical peel has its unique properties and is thus slightly better than the others in certain conditions? For instance, Pyruvic Acid is specially indicated for aging skin struggling with sun damage, wrinkles, and dullness, yet is still confirmedly effective in the treatment of acne, hyperpigmentation, keratoses, and scars.

You can find it in MCCM Medical Cosmetics Meso Pyruvic Pack 30%, along with anything else you need to provide your skin with post-peel: a Neutralizing Spray, a set of soothing Post Peeling Mask and Anti-Ageing Cream to enhance the rejuvenating properties of the peel.

Peeling mask

The peel itself will give you such a youthful glow that you will be surprised it is not the best anti-aging mask that you have applied. Pyruvic Acid itself is a superficial peeling agent, meaning it peels off the epidermis and does not act any deeper. Disposing of superficially accumulated skin debris instantly makes your skin brighter and more luminous, yet Pyruvic Acid does not stop just there. Studies show that it thickens and integrates the dermis, mainly by stimulating collagen building and formation of elastic fibers – it is its special power and helps the skin regain its lost firmness and elasticity.

Such reconstructive properties are also what makes Pyruvic Acid effective in the treatment of keratoses including actinic keratosis and seborrhea as well as scars and stretch marks. Moreover, it has been proven in numerous trials that the peel significantly reduces facial hyperpigmentation and can be a successful remedy for melasma. Additionally, since besides being keratolytic Pyruvic Acid also has antimicrobial features, it visibly diminishes the symptoms of acne.

Meso glycolic pack 30%

MCCM Medical Cosmetics Meso Glycolic Pack 30% has been specially formulated for a brighter and healthier-looking, rejuvenated skin. Besides a full set of Glycolic Acid Peeling Vials, it contains professional Neutralizing Spray to stop acidification of the skin after the procedure, a set of Post Peeling Masks to soothe the complexion as well as Anti-Ageing Cream to give a perfect finishing touch to the whole ritual and boost the effects of the peel to a maximum.

Skin rejuvenation

The hastier the pace of life, the duller and more tired our skin looks. Less effective disposal of skin debris makes the complexion more prone to blemishes and gives it a grainy texture. In such cases, the answer to the question “How to rejuvenate skin?” could truly change everything. Fortunately, it is closer than you may think.

Glycolic Acid is the most widely used alpha hydroxy acid not without a reason – due to its lightness, yet very high effectiveness of action it is suitable for all skin types. Even in the driest skin it facilitates skin hydration and increases the skin’s moisture level which after all is beneficial for everybody. Simultaneously, it does not negatively affect the lipid mantle of the skin as it is immensely hydrophilic and acts only in the water compartment of the skin layers, which further prevents the excessive drying out of the skin. Besides, it has three main actions that make it the ideal choice if you need skin rejuvenation: Glycolic Acid is keratolytic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

The first activity cares for effective removal of dead skin cells and other forms of skin debris from the surface of the skin, which instantly brings back the complexion’s healthy glow. Concurrently, it prevents comedone formation and is hence enormously helpful in acne, which has been confirmed by multiple studies. The second and third ones additionally brighten the skin as well as care for its healthy structure and even texture. Consequently, Glycolic Acid Peel is also perfect for acne scars, hyperpigmentation including post-inflammatory one, photoaging, and seborrhea.

MCCM champagne pack

MCCM Medical Cosmetics Champagne Pack will provide your skin with the most intense anti-aging treatment. Similarly, if you would like the most thorough option when it comes to removing dead skin cells and closing pores, it will be the peel for you.

The peel combines the powers of chemical, enzymatic, and micromechanical exfoliation techniques due to a mixture of Ascorbic Acid, Tartaric Acid, and Sodium Bicarbonate. The treatment is available in the form of a face mask which is easily combined with a rejuvenating and antioxidant Vitamin C solution.

After the peel is done, a finishing, regenerating Serum Solution prepares the skin for the application of MCCM Champagne Cream. When used together, MCCM Champagne products make the complexion smoother than ever before and give the skin an additional antioxidant boost.

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