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13/17 Pins Baer Steel Microblades

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Category: SPMU Micro-Pigments

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$ 6.36$ 19.10

13/17 Pins Baer Steel Microblades

This needle type is ideal for adding definition to the arch of the eyebrows when creating a new shape while microblading. The horizontal slant of the straight needles makes the Baer steel microblade ideal for creating brush-like strokes to apply the pigment. These microblades are for use with microblading pens and give you extra stability while applying pigment as they produce fewer vibrations.

These Baer steel microblades can also be used to apply pigment to the lash line and lips. The 13 and 17 pin Baer microblades will fit all standard microblading pens and are easy to install and remove. A microblading pen with Baer steel microblades will create a better customer experience as it produces less pressure onto the skin while applying the pigment.

We recommend choosing the 13 pin microblade for smaller eyebrow shapes and the 17 pin style when you want to quickly cover a larger surface area with pigment. Both the 13 and 17 pin steel microblades are ideal to have in your kit to change out on your microblading pen to suit your client’s needs and eyebrow shape. The larger 17 pin option is preferred for clients with thicker natural eyebrow hairs.

The Baer steel microblades can be placed into your microblading pen by unscrewing the pen’s tip and insert the blade into the needle slot from the side before screwing the tip to secure it into place.

Main Characteristics
  • Available in 13 or 17 Pins blade options
  • Disposable and intended for single use
  • Made using medical grade steel to give you the best results
  • Pre-sterilized with gamma rays and placed in individual blister packs with the latest in innovative sealing technology to keep your microblades safe and protected during transport

Perfect to use with our new QBS Eyebrow and lips pigments. All orders placed before 3pm will be shipped the same working day.

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