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What is phytotherapy?

The prefix “phyto” is derived from the Greek term “phutón” or, in other words, “a plant”. Analogically, it is no surprise that the term “phytotherapy” refers to a wide array of health-giving treatments with beneficial use of Nature’s true treasure – plants. Indeed, it is astounding how self-sufficient these organisms are, largely because of multiple substances that we, as humans, could never synthesize on our own.

The plants’ medicinal applications have been exploited since many centuries BC and even nowadays there constantly come new ones, offering innovative solutions to various ailments, including numerous skin conditions. MCCM Medical Cosmetics provides the highest quality products containing a plethora of plant-derived antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, microelements, and more…

Phytotherapy for hair loss

It turns out that besides being extremely advantageous to the skin, phytotherapy also brings about stunning effects when it comes to the health of the scalp and thus, hair. What many do not know or neglect is the fact that in order to grow strong, shining hair, you should focus on taking care of your scalp, both with cosmetic products as well as from within. After all, it is the blood where all the essential nutrients come from so that they can rejuvenate the skin. For this reason, MCCM Medical Cosmetics has designed special cocktails to strengthen hair and facilitate its growth.

MCCM Cellcontrol Artichoke gives you all the best that an artichoke can offer and, let us tell you, it is plenty. Like no other vegetable, it teems with phenolic compounds – some of the most powerful antioxidants present in nature. As much as they greatly support the general health of the scalp, even more importantly they increase the scalp’s circulation and stimulate cell renewal. Without adequate blood flow, the hair does not have enough nutrients to grow at a wanted rate or in the desired amount while without propelled cell turnover, the growth is stagnant and further hindered by the superficially accumulated skin debris. Moreover, an artichoke is abundant in all sorts of vitamins and elements to give your hair some extra glow and shine.

Phytotherapy impact factor

Nonetheless, the benefits of phytotherapy go even further. A properly chosen extract can give a whole makeover to your body, alongside making your complexion smooth and luminous. Research shows that daily drinking carnitine, the active ingredient in MCCM Cellcontrol L-Carnitine, drastically boosts your metabolism, which positively influences your body in more than one way. It is especially beneficial for reducing cellulite and facilitating weight loss. By increasing metabolism, carnitine promotes and speeds up the process of burning up the subcutaneous fat. At the same time, it encourages the removal of any undesired byproducts, having a detoxifying effect on the organism. Last but not least, it notably increases one’s energy levels, encouraging physical activity, which only enhances the fat burning effect.

If you would like to speed your metabolism up to the fullest, MCCM offers Cellcontrol Plus – a more than ever vigorous mixture of L-Carnitine and Artichoke. Besides, have you ever wondered why it is L-Carnitine and not R-Carnitine? The “L” at the front of the chemical term refers to how the molecule rotates itself in response to light in the laboratory setting. It turns out that in a human body, only the “L” forms are biologically active, hence are able to exert their effects on the tissues. Therefore, by enriching their products with L-Carnitine, MCCM provides you with an immediately active ingredient to ensure the highest product efficacy.

Meanwhile, if you lead a very active lifestyle and need an energizing boost to keep your focus as well as physical vigor on their highest levels, MCCM Celldiet Energizer will give you what you are looking for. A specially designed combination of Ginseng, Royal Jelly, and Taurine rejuvenates both the mental and physical aspects of your well-being. It has been shown to improve one’s cognitive function, meaning one can think more clearly, learn new things better and hold their focus for longer. Simultaneously, a metabolism speed-up guarantees stamina needed to perform even the most demanding tasks. With MCCM Celldiet Energizer, you will get 100% out of your day!

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