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Medical equipment suppliers

At your skin clinic, you surely want to provide your clients with the highest quality aesthetic equipment. Here we can give you that – our store offers a wide array of professional tools from an acclaimed supplier MCCM Medical Cosmetics to bring your skin therapy options to the next level – check them out:

MCCM Mesoderma derma roller

The benefits of derma rolling are endless, and with MCCM Mesoderma Dermaroller, also so easy to achieve. Every piece possesses 192 pure Titanium micro-needles of the length of your preference, starting from 0,5 mm and ending with 2,0 mm, to guarantee the greatest precision. During the treatment, they gently pierce the stratum corneum, leaving the epidermis completely intact, and stimulate the dermis to evoke the therapeutic effect. MCCM Mesoderma Dermal Roller remarkably increases the collagen and elastin content in the skin layers as well as promotes cutaneous blood flow to supply the skin with as many nutrients as possible. It is perfect for skin aging prevention, treating scars, and minimizing stretch marks. Moreover, it substantially increases the absorption of the later applied active ingredients.

MCCM Hydra roller

MCCM Hydra Rollers is another excellent derma roller device. What makes it stand out is a dispenser, thanks to which you can simultaneously apply a cosmetic while piercing the stratum corneum. This innovative technique only maximizes the absorption and advantages of active ingredients.

MCCM Derma pen

MCCM Derma Pen is a truly revolutionary device when it comes to micro-needling. Due to its proven higher efficacy in skin rejuvenation, it is confirmedly more effective than its traditional alternatives. Since it has multi-speed and adjustable needle depth, it can effortlessly reach areas that are not so easily accessible to other tools. The treatment is recommended for everyone who wants to revitalize and increase the firmness of the skin, nonetheless, it is also particularly helpful in the treatment of scars and averting the signs of skin aging. Plus, the device has disposable needles – you can order them separately at any time at our store.

MCCM Mesotherapy gun

MCCM Mesotherapy Gun will be the best one that you will ever have. First off, it exceeds its kind – its speed of administration can go up to 10ml/minute, which is about twice as faster than the alternatives. Furthermore, it is exceptionally practical – it works with standard mesotherapy needles of the length of your choice (4, 6, and 13 mm) as well as syringes (1 to 10cc) and does not require any additional disposable kits. Besides, it has multiple modes that allow you to really polish your technique: continuous injection, intermittent injection, nappage, point-by-point, and mesoperfusion.

MCCM Hyaluron pen

MCCM Hyaluron Pen is an advanced needless method designed especially for those afraid of needle injections, yet wanting to achieve the same results as with the regular treatment. The innovative technology generates high pressure to push out the liquid from the top of the application column so that the active ingredients instantaneously penetrate and reach the deeper layers of the skin for an effortless youthful glow. A non-invasive treatment has never been so easy and effective.

Medical equipment calibration

As much as we deliver the highest quality aesthetic equipment, it is important that you calibrate it appropriately to keep up this standard. With repeated use and without proper maintenance, every medical device tends to degrade, which affects its accuracy and precision. Such a situation is on the other hand unacceptable in a professional setting. To ensure that the highest skincare therapy standards are met just like during the first use, calibrate your device regularly and treat it with care.

Moreover, make sure that your patient’s comfort does not waver throughout the session. Cleanse their face with MCCM Derma Cleanser to maximize the efficacy of the treatment as well as soothe the patient’s skin and bring them into a relaxed mood. Soft, high-quality cotton MCCM Towels will only add to the blissful feeling. Simultaneously, accentuate your professionalism with a proper uniform to assure the client that they are receiving the highest quality care. MCCM Tunic Tops are made from premium durable material to serve you for a long time. Concurrently, if you prefer professional T-shirts, MCCM Medical Cosmetics offers white polo T-shirts with embroidered logos made from the highest quality cotton.

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