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Eyelashes Extension Kits – Professional & Starter

A growing trend in the eyelash extension industry has been the emergence of new lash training academies over the past few years. This resulted in the appearance of a new wave of lash technicians who are just starting their path in this industry and need all essential tools to start their treatments.

We have carefully listened to our clients, and we have taken extensive research into this new trend and invested resources into determining what products do clients need in their eyelash extension starter kits.

Eyelash Extensions Kits Important Information

Q: What Do I Need in My Eyelash Extension Kit?

At Quality Beauty Store, we have worked closely with some of the leading academies in the UK and Europe in order to establish the tools required for students in their kits. The main products you will need are eyelash glue and the actual eyelashes. Our lash kit includes QBS Ultra Plus glue which is one of the best all-round eyelash adhesives on the market.You will also get a set of lash trays with mixed or individual lengths depending on your selection. The best thing about our kit is that you can choose any curl, thickness and lengths you require. Another important component of professional eyelash extension kit is a pre-treatment product called lash primer, which is a “must-have” tool to clean and disinfect your lashes before the procedure.

Also included are a set of QBS tweezers. QBS Q4 tweezers are designed for lash isolation and Q7 curved for lash picking. Gel remover is necessary for taking off your eyelash extensions. Finally, each set comes with all the application tools such as 3M micropore tape, jade stone, QBS under eye patches and other useful tools to make your treatment hassle-free.

You also get a complimentary QBS makeup bag so that you can always store your products and take them with you if you are a mobile lash technician. Once again, it is worth mentioning that our professional eyelash extension kit can be completely tailored and customised according to your requirements.

The Contents of Eyelash Extension Kit

  • QBS Eyelash Extension Glue (classic or volume, depending on your choice)
  • QBS Gel Type Remover 15ml
  • QBS Lash Primer 15ml
  • Loventure Lashes – choose your own curls, lengths & thickness
  • Lash Extension Guide Table
  • QBS Tweezers Set (with the pouch) – set of straight & curved
  • 3M Micropore Tape
  • QBS Lint Free Under Eye Patches
  • Jade Stone
  • Glue Ring Holders
  • Mascara Wands
  • Micro Brushes 2.5MM
  • Makeup Bag
  • Lash Comb

Q: Eyelash Kit Average Cost ?!

There are several established brands on the market that offer similar starter kit. Depending on your budget, there will always be an appropriate product for you. You may find a cheap starter sets online; however, we would never advise you to go for the low-end value goods, because eyelash extensions treatment requires high accuracy and high precision. This, on the other hand, demands products that are of high quality. For example, the Russian volume technique requires you to fan lashes at speed as your client rarely could allow more than 3 hours’ time slot for the procedure. Therefore you have to equip yourself with the best tools possible, such as QBS precision tweezers so that your work is never interrupted by poor-quality tools.

What makes us proud at Quality Beauty Store is the fact that our lash kits represent excellent value for money. On average you will save around £25 to £30 compared to the situation if you were to purchase all products separately. Our eyelash extension kits start from just £39.99. With that, you will get glue, set of lashes and application tools. If you want to go for an intermediate option, you could pay £55 and get more lashes and more different tools. You can also purchase the ultimate set with the makeup case, glue, 6 trays of lashes and all the necessary accessories for just under £100.

Training Academies are Using The QBS Starter Kits

Working together with other lash academies across the UK and Europe, QBS team has developed a strong relationship with some established institutions such as Lash Harmony Academy in Peterborough. Its founder Inesa Svetkina has many years of experience in the eyelash extension industry and therefore knows all too well what is needed for beginner technicians as well as for well-nested professionals. On consulting Inesa, we have determined what products we need to have as standard in our eyelash kits and what could be an optional extra. For example, their lash kit would include our excellent QBS Volume Plus glue for high retention and quick drying time, a pair of lash trays and other application tools such as tweezers etc. This means that purchasing your eyelash extension kit from us would guarantee you that you will be provided with all essential eyelash products to start your treatments.

“Kits were lovely, and tutor and students loved them. Will certainly be ordering our kits from you in the future. Thank you” – Lisa Ford, Glitz & Glamor Salon

Key Advantages of Purchasing The QBS Eyelash Kit

  • Ease of use – your lash extension kit will come with all the important products in.
  • Saving you money – It is much cheaper to purchase the whole kit rather than purchasing all products separately.
  • Complimentary bag – when purchasing any lash kit from our store you will also receive a complimentary QBS make up bag where you can store all your products and tools.
  • Customisation – you can request any lash curls, sizes & lengths available at our store. The same applies to our eyelash glue range.

Whether you are a beginner, professional or running your academy and looking for starter kits for students, here at Quality Beauty Store, we will always be willing to help you with a piece of advice. Our lash team will advise you on the products you need and should have any questions after you purchase one we will always be there to support you.

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