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Every year our skin amasses the effects of aging, both the natural ones as well as those resulting from constant exposure to sun rays and other environmental irritants. The modern model of a hasty and demanding lifestyle does not make things better at all, but only exacerbates the state of one’s complexion. Sooner or later the skin becomes duller, thinner and speckled with wrinkles and age spots. Luckily, there are ways to slow down this process and keep your skin youthful and luminous for longer than you would ever imagine – apart from everyday sunscreen use, a great revitalizing anti-wrinkle product is key. Besides, it needs to be highly concentrated to ensure the most potent rejuvenating and antioxidant action.

For these reasons, MCCM XR Cellular Magic will be the best revitalizing serum on your bathroom shelf – it is both excellently effective and teems with active ingredients. One of its main restoring agents, Borago Officinalis Extract, or Borage Seed Extract, is extraordinarily abundant in unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic acid, which are highly compatible with the skin’s natural lipids in the protective barrier. A replenished lipid mantle instantly makes the skin softer, firmer, more resilient as well as effectively decreases transepidermal water loss – one of the primary factors contributing to the loss of moisture and occurrence of lines and wrinkles. To enhance the hydrating effect, MCCM XR Cellular Magic has been enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate – a water-binding ingredient with widely documented anti-aging properties.

Besides adequate hydration, aging skin requires to decrease inflammation and free radical-associated damage. Both factors are immensely detrimental to the structure of the skin’s building macromolecules including proteins, lipids, and DNA, which results in loss of firmness and further deepening of lines. To effectively reduce wrinkles, the complexion needs antioxidants, a powerful combination of which MCCM XR Cellular Magic contains – the unique mixture is composed of Borage flavonoids, Ascorbic Acid, and other vitamins.

In order to increase skin firmness even more, MCCM XR Cellular Magic possesses ingredients which actively stimulate collagen production. Ascorbyl Palmitate, or the vitamin C derivative which is more efficiently absorbed by the skin, is a crucial coenzyme in collagen synthesis in the skin layers. Moreover, the firming effect is augmented by Dimethyl Mea or a precursor of acetylcholine that is naturally present in the body. Studies show that it exerts long-lasting anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects as well as makes the skin refreshingly plumper.

For best results, apply MCCM XR Cellular Magic every day. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening. Follow with a moisturizer.

What is eye contouring

But hey, why would you stop at the skin of the face and not take special care of the skin around the eyes? Since it is thinner and fragile, thus even more susceptible to the process of aging, it equally demands proper rejuvenation. For this purpose, there is nothing better than eye contouring or using concentrated, specially formulated products for the regeneration of the around-the-eyes area.

MCCM XR Cellular Performance provides the skin around the eyes with everything it could ever need to recover the lost glow. White Beeswax contains richly moisturizing squalene and sterols which restore the local lipid mantle and decrease transepidermal water loss – something that the skin around the eyes is extremely prone to. Bisabolol, a natural ingredient widely abundant in nature, not only is a powerful, anti-inflammatory antioxidant but also effectively lightens any sort of hyperpigmentation under the eyes. The skin becomes visibly brighter which gives you a look of being well-rested. To further increase its anti-aging potential, MCCM XR Cellular Performance has been formulated with vitamins C and E. The former enhances the whitening effect of bisabolol as well as is a powerful antioxidant and skin-firmer, while vitamin E regulates the overall skin health and effectively scavenges free radicals. The skin around the eyes could not possibly be more rejuvenated, and healthier-looking. The complexion seems notably glowing, luminous, and moisturized with significantly diminished signs of aging, tiredness and hyperpigmentation. To maintain the best effects over time, apply a size of a small grain of rice every day. Wait until it melts and enjoy the fresh, rejuvenated look.

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