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Purifying Cream 50ML/500ML

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Home use – 50ML

Professional use – 500ML


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MCCM Purifying Cream

Having a tendency for excessive sebum production and acne breakouts can be really cumbersome and hence requires a special approach. Upon formulating MCCM Purifying Cream we have taken into account that, it is always wise to first get to know its underlying roots. For this reason, we can correspondingly ensure that our product targets multiple fundamental aspects of the mentioned conditions.

Excessive sebum production can happen because of miscellaneous causes, for example hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition or inadequately composed skin care routine. As the oily secretion accumulates on the skin surface, alongside dead skin cells and various proteins, not only does it block hair follicles more easily but it also creates an ideal breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria – first comedonal, then inflammatory acne occurs.

How does MCCM Purifying cream works?

MCCM Purifying Cream possesses a compilation of carefully selected active ingredients which together appropriately regulate sebum production. Because of high concentration of terpenoids, Myrtus and Myrrha naturally control the oiliness of the skin. Glycolid Acid, a gentle yet effective alpha hydroxy acid, penetrates deep into the pores and loosens up any build-up sebum and proteins. Simultaneously, terpenoids are responsible for potent antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of Myrtus and Myrrha, averting any unwanted skin infections. Glycolic Acid, presenting the aforesaid activity, promotes healthy skin cell turnover as well as facilitates cellular renewal, preventing the formation of comedones. Such characteristics care for both natural brightness of the skin and its firm texture.

Concurrently, the fourth active substance Apricot ideally complements the mentioned ingredients in terms of regulating sebum production and encouraging proper skin cell proliferation. While suiting the skin’s natural lipid barrier perfectly, it provides light moisture to subdue the compensative oil secretion. Moreover, it is significantly rich in antioxidants of notable anti-inflammatory properties, among which carotenoids can be found – when transformed into vitamin A, they also influence cellular renewal and hence unblocking of affected hair follicles.

What is MCCM Purifying recommended for?
  • Oily / Combination skin
  • Acneic skins

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We recommend this product as it is also used for treatments at our QBS Beauty Lounge.

This product is also available in 500ML Bottle for Professional Use.

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm

50ML Home Use, 500ML Professional Use

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