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Vetus Straight Pointed & Curve Tweezers Eyelash Extensions Stainless Steel

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Vetus Tweezers Stainless Steel


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Vetus® Eyelash Tweezers

Anti-Magnetic precision Vetus Eyelash Tweezers are widely used in industry, medical units, and consumer use. These high quality precision tweezers are made from the finest metallurgical materials with appropriate rockwell hardness ratings, and stringent manufacturing standards and tolerences.

In eyelash exention, tweezers are used to pick up, dip in adhesive and apply eyelash extensions. Vetus excellent build quality makes sure that there is no need to squeeze them, all yu have to do is just hold without excessive pressure.

Choice of Curled/Straight Type Tweezers:
  • ST-10 (110mm, straight)
  • ST-11 (140mm, straight)
  • ST-12 (135mm, straight)
  • ST-13 (120mm, straight)
  • ST-14 (110mm, straight)
  • ST-15 (120mm, curved)
  • ST-16 (125mm, straight)
  • ST-17 (115mm, curved)
  • 6A-SA (113mm, curved)
Vetus Eyelash Tweezers Features
  • Made of High quality stainless steel
  • Anti-magnetic,anti-acid,non-corrosive Stainless Steel
  • Pointy and sharp tip makes it great to pick individual lashes
  • Contoured to fit comfortably between the fingers
  • Lightweight, practical and functional

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Weight0.1 kg

6A-SA, ST-10, ST-11, ST-12, ST-13, ST-14, ST-15, ST-16, ST-17

3 reviews for Vetus Straight Pointed & Curve Tweezers Eyelash Extensions Stainless Steel

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  2. Lily P.

  3. Anonymous

    Very handy just right size

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