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Mesoheal Pink Glow

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Category: Depigmentation , Skincare

5ml Vials

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$ 25.47$ 216.62

Mesoheal Pink Glow - (5ml x 10)

Mesoheal Pink Glow combines the power of 23 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 6 minerals, 6 coenzymes, 6 nucleic acids, collagen, glutathione and hyaluronic acid to both tackle pigmentary spots of any origin and completely regenerate your skin. 6 sessions throughout a 3 month period will give your skin a total makeover. If you want to get rid of hyperpigmentation and make the new brighter skin look better than ever, you have come across the best whitening cocktail that also revitalizes your complexion.

First and foremost, Mesoheal Pink Glow has been designed to dispose of hyperpigmentation. Its unique combination of active ingredients addresses the problem not only by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin, the skin pigment, but also by reducing the melanogenic factors like inflammation and by detoxifying the skin to bring out its natural brightness. The skin becomes spot-free and is beautifully luminous. The formula has been proven effective in melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots, sunlight hyperpimentation, hormonal spots and more.

What is this product designed for?

Besides, Mesoheal Pink Glow improves every aspect of skin’s wellbeing. To begin with, the mixture of collagen, peptides as well as amino and hyaluronic acids rebuilds the skin by notably increasing collagen, elastin and fibronectin production and thereby enhances firmness and elasticity. The skin regains its bounce and youthful plumpness while the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is visibly reduced. At the same time, the hydration levels of the skin are significantly increased what gives the skin astounding softness. For these reasons, the cocktail can also be used to lessen nasolabial folds and marionette lines, increase lip volume and redefine the nose-eyebrow area to your liking. Yet, it’s not where its benefits end. Apart from that, Mesoheal Pink Glow teems with powerful antioxidants that provide the skin with protection against oxidative stress, propel the skin cell metabolism and renewal as well as mitigate inflammation what, in the end, helps you achieve the most stunning and glowing look that there is. On top of that, a blend of revitalizing vitamins out of A, B, C, E and I groups will give your skin the final invigorating boost.

Mesoheal Pink Glow Features

  • Perfect to get rid of hyperpigmentation of any kind
  • Regenerate skin and leaves it visibly healthier
  • Makes complexion radiant and bright
  • Redefine particular areas to your liking
  • Will do it all in just 3 months (later less frequent booster treatments are recommended).
  • Available to order as Box of 10 or Single Vials

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