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Mesoderma Dermal Roller

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Category: Medical equipment , Skincare

0.5mm | 1.0mm | 1.5mm | 2.0mm

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$ 22.75

Mesoderma-Q-System Dermal Roller

Mesoderma-Q-System dermal roller is a medical device, equipped with needles starting from 0.5mm in length.  During treatment, the needles pierce the stratum corneum and create minute holes without damaging the epidermis. Such a non-invasive, yet effective stimulation allows the modulation of the papillary dermis. There, the process greatly promotes the release of growth factors which ultimately leads to the formation of both proteins, like collagen or elastin, and new blood vessels. At last, the skin regains its firmness, elasticity and healthy structure as well as is better nourished. Because of it, a dermal roller works wonders when treating acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles or in skin - aging prevention.

This device greatly increases the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Accordingly, a simultaneous use of a dermal roller aside from a topical therapy only improves the treatment’s efficacy. It has been noted e.g. during a tranexamic acid therapy in melasma or during a chemical peels therapy in acne scars. Use of this product promotes the production of new collagen layers and the reduction of pigmentation problems, acne scars and pore size.

Each dermal roller has 192 Titanium micro-needles and weights 30 grams. Choose the needle size from the following 4 options:

  • 0,5 mm
  • 1,0 mm
  • 1,5 mm
  • 2,0 mm

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