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Minoxidil 0,5%

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Category: Mesotherapy , Skincare

Box of 5 Vials  

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$ 126.43

MCCM Minoxidil 0,5% - 10ml Vials

MCCM Minoxidil is used for many conditions associated with balding including male and female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and even chemotherapy-induced alopecia. Studies show that Minoxidil promotes a rapid shift from telogen to anagen or a phase of hair growth in which the hair rests to the one in which it grows quickly. Such results consequently suggest that the agent actively encourages hair cell proliferation and patients report decreased hair loss and successful hair regrowth. 

How to use MCCM Minoxidil?

To achieve the best possible results, apply MCCM Minoxidil 0,5% to the affected area once or twice a day for a minimum of 6 months and if found effective, continue on doing so. While the medication starts to work soon after its application, visibly increased hair growth is seen after approximately 4 months of treatment due to the period that the hair follicles need to produce new hair. Sometimes, the regrown hair may appear a bit thinner than the original hair. 

Minoxidil Beard

MCCM Minoxidil 0,5% is both excellently effective when it comes to hair growth for men and women. Moreover, in that event, it is not only potent regarding the hair on the scalp, but also the hair of the beard. In both cases simply apply the agent to the affected areas. Besides, what most often can only be done in men, topical MCCM Minoxidil 0,5% treatment can be safely combined with Propecia or oral Finasteride (available from our store) therapy. If you have doubts, please consult a dermatologist to discuss the most suitable strategy just for you. 

Product Features

  • Size - 10ml
  • Box of 5 Vials

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