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Category: Peeling , Skincare

Size - 10ml Vial

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$ 38.01$ 177.43

MCCM A20P Peel - 10ml

MCCM A20P Peel is an innovative treatment developed by Mesosystem, which does not affect the superficial layer of the skin, and therefore does not require a long recovery period. Based on the intensity of exposure to the skin, it is considered a deeper peeling.

What is this product for?

The skin colour is determined by the interaction of different pigments. Haemoglobin is responsible for the reddish and bluish tone, while the carotenoids are responsible for the yellowish skin colour. The resulting brown colour of the eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments, which are produced in cells of tyrosinase, usually present in an inactive form and are formed in these melanocytes. Its activation by UV light triggers the melanogenesis, for example, a complex series of chemical reactions of enzymes that eventually lead to the formation of melanin. The effective blocker of tyrosinase inhibits the chain reaction of melanogenesis.

What are the effects of using MCCM A20P Peel?

It promotes skin whitening, providing a uniform tone, but specially it isn’t photosensitive and can be used during the day without having to avoid sun exposure after application. Scars and acne scars reduction. It stimulates the collagen synthesis. Improvement of the tone in scar skin.

How apply this peel?

  • 1st step: Cleanse with MCCM Cleansing milk. (Available here)
  • 2nd step: Tone with MCCM Facial Tonic. (Available here)
  • 3rd step: Apply Cleansing Solution. (Available here)
  • 4th step: Apply A20P peeling through zones with a brush and let it be absorbed; 3 layers should be applied.
  • 5th step: Apply WA Arbutin Cream and Sun Cream SPF 50+. (Available here)
  • Home care recommendations: WA Arbutin Cream and Sun Cream SPF 50+. (Available here)

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