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Neutralizing Spray 200ML

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Category: Peeling , Skincare

Size - 200ml Spray Type

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$ 24.07

MCCM Neutralizing Spray - 200ML

Chemical peelings are extremely beneficial to all skin types. Due to their mechanism of action, they cause controlled damage to the epidermis that facilitates exfoliation, followed by increased skin renewal and regeneration. They mainly contain gentle, yet effective acids - because of that, especially in those who have sensitive skin, they may cause skin irritation, redness, itching or burning. While such sensations usually subside with time, why not to help them go away? MCCM Neutralizing Spray effectively neutralizes the chemical peeling effects and associated discomfort.

Containing Sodium Bicarbonate, it successfully counteracts the excessively acidic pH of the peel and restores the balance of the natural skin’s pH level. At the same time, it notably refreshes and comforts the complexion - from that point it is ready for the following steps of the routine. Because of the above benefits, MMCM Neutralizing Spray is also perfect for individuals without the earlier mentioned symptoms like redness or burning - even if it is not seen with the naked eye, the chemical peeling still significantly influences the skin’s pH, one of the essential skin’s protective mechanisms. After the peel’s application, there always remains its excess which cannot be totally neutralized just by the proteins of the skin.

What are the effects of this product?

  • Stops the effect of the peelings on the skin

How to apply neutralizing spray?

  • Spray the skin evenly with the product having done your chemical peel and after 1-3 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water.

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All MCCM packs will have one 100ml neutralizing spray included.

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