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Hand Sanitizer Gel 70% Hydroalcohol – 200ml

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Category: Professional skin care , Skincare

Size - 200ml

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$ 13.95

What is a hand sanitizer gel?

At the Quality Beauty Store, we want to ensure our clients are equipped with convenience and products to help them feel well and be beautiful. Recently, hand sanitizers have rapidly grown in popularity. However, before we begin recommending the best hand sanitizers our store has to offer, let’s start with clarifying that hand sanitizers are not a replacement for hand washing.
Hand sanitizer gel protects against bacteria and germs. A very important component in selecting the best hand sanitizer is making sure the alcohol ethanol content is between 60-95%. Anything less than 60% is ineffective. Higher alcohol content tends to increase dryness. Gels are most effective when rubbed thoroughly between hands and left to dry. Wiping off the excess gel sanitizer reduces the product’s effectiveness significantly.

What are hand sanitizer dispensers designed for?

Many high traffic businesses like hotels and restaurants often offer hand sanitizer dispensers in squeeze packs or pumps. Gel sanitizers effectively reduce the germs being spread amongst their guests. Luckily, our recommended product is for personal use and is packaged in a squeeze bottle for easier dispensing.

How do hand sanitizer sprays work?

Dispensing hand sanitizer using the spray bottle can prolong the use of the product. Also, spray sanitizer dries quicker than gel form. Unlike gel sanitizers, spray sanitizers are not wiped off as often. Hand sanitizer sprays are commonly bottled in travel size units whereas pump or squeeze bottles are produced in both travel and larger sizes.

What is the best hand sanitizer in the UK?

Gel hand sanitizers are widely available and most commonly used. At the Quality Beauty Store, we recognize that when searching for the best hand sanitizer in the UK clients are looking for excellent quality, competitive price and excellent customer reviews. So, when you try the professional’s choice in hand sanitizers, you will not be disappointed. MCCM Hand Sanitizer Gel uses 70% alcohol. For the full effectiveness of this product dispense half a teaspoon in your hands. Rub your hands with the product for at least 15 seconds to gain maximum result and protection.

Bulk hand sanitizers and hospital sanitizers available from the Quality Beauty Store.

It is a well-known fact that hospitals order sanitizers in bulk from wholesalers. Bulk items are typically not available for retail distribution. Major wholesalers and manufacturers can give you an idea of what is available to hospitals and what dispensers are used in high public areas, like grocery stores, restaurants, and hospitals. Bulk hand sanitizers come in much larger sizes than the retail products. Most hand sanitizers available in bulk sizes typically require a dispenser or custom fixture. At the Quality Beauty Store, we offer various wholesale options for hospital sanitizers. For more information contact us directly.
Larger size hand sanitizers likely require smaller dispenser, most commonly pump-type dispensers. Luckily, MCCM Hand Sanitizer Gel 200ml is available for retail at the price of less than £15. A smaller pump dispenser is not a requirement with this squeeze bottle. MCCM’s packaging is sleek and modern, which can make the style more appealing to have in a household’s common areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or nightstand (next to your hand cream).

How convenient are mini hand sanitizers?

Travel sizes are most convenient when packing or carrying hand sanitizer. Some mini hand sanitizers include attachment hooks for backpacks, purses, or similar. These products are often found in the travel sections of convenience stores. Mini hand sanitizers are very commonly used by everyone, including adults and kids. Keep in mind, moisturizing ingredients are helpful to retain moisture on the skin. Especially if used frequently.

Natural hand sanitizer.

Natural hand sanitizers exist with ingredients like aloe, which is the main natural moisturizing ingredient. To be sure the utmost natural ingredients are used is to Do It Yourself (DIY). Youtube and other visual tutorials offer great tutorials for homemade natural hand sanitizer. It is a well-known fact that lemon and orange oils are excellent disinfectants. However, for more effective use we do recommend to stick with our professionally developed alcohol-based sanitizer.

Does hand sanitizer work?

Our clients often ask us - does hand sanitizer really work? Let’s start by redefining the question to “Are hand sanitizers really effective?” The answer can be complex, but it’s important to list all the benefits of using this product. Hand sanitizers (gel, spray, wipes), are beneficial when hand washing stations are not conveniently available. We are kindly reminding that hand sanitizers are not a replacement for proper handwashing. However, hand sanitizers, when used correctly, are effective in killing surface germs and microbes. Here are best practices for hand sanitizing:

  • Rub hands together until completely dry.
  • Do not wipe off excess product. Continue to rub and dispense less gel next time.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

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