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Voluminous, fluffy and long eyelashes? Easy!

When you think about eyelash extensions, probably you imagine long, fluffy and voluminous eyelashes, do you? We are offering you just the right product to achieve that look – our famous QBS Volume 3D Glue For Eyelash Extensions! Keep in mind that this glue is not just a basic adhesive, it is specially formulated for volume technique. Have you ever heard about Russian Volume eyelash extensions? If no, we can explain to you the difference between classic and volume techniques.

Classic vs. Volume eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions is the most common procedure when it comes to extensions, because it’s a lot easier & faster than the volume technique. Classic lashes means one extension per one natural eyelash only, thereby if you only have 65 natural eyelashes per one eye, then master will apply only 65 extensions on top of them. But Russian Volume eyelash extension techniques, on the other hand is much harder. It’s an intensely advanced techniques which can offer only highly skilled professional with a lot of experience in lash extensions business. Russian Volume will look perfect on the older clients with infrequent natural lashes, where the lash fluffiness and voluminous is required. Russian Volume is also appropriate who wants a more glamorous, thicker looking eyelashes. Because as we all know, eyes are the mirror of the soul!

Features of QBS Volume 3D Glue?

Probably one of the main features this glue has – it is extremely fast drying. Often, to succeed this amazing result therapist have to spend hours creating this magic on top of your eyelashes. And if the glue isn’t fast drying enough – it is a true torment. Because it feels sticky and wet on your eyelids, it’s a very tricky situation especially for a master, because it can make a bit of mess if an adhesive isn’t fast drying enough. And that’s exactly the reason why our glue is a savior for every extension master out there, because our glue dries as fast as you blink. In 1-2 seconds to be exact. That’s a precise amount of time you would need to apply the extension on a natural eyelash. It’s important to note that shelf life of this adhesive is 6 months when it’s unopened and 3 months after the opening. And don’t forget to shake the bottle 1 minute before eyelash extension application!

Don’t worry about the accessories!

Lucky for you, with purchasing QBS Volume 3D Glue For Eyelash Extension you will receive a full set of professional tools for the adhesive storage and applying. When buying this lash adhesive you receive a Red Pin, Silica Gel sack, Glue Holder ring and a Magic Preserve Pack. With these tools preservation will be easy and clear for you to understand! By the way, whenever you come across any problems with adhesive storage or usage – feel free to check the instructions on our website or message our community service for individual questions.

Buy: https://qualitybeautystore.comproduct/qbs-volume-3d-professional-lash-glue/

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