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First off, what is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that not only affects the skin, but also the nails and joints. It is characterized by an increased epidermal proliferation (acanthosis) which results in a superficial accumulation of the outer layer of the epidermis, or stratum corneum, that gives the lesions a scaly appearance. Around 3% of the total world population has psoriasis, what makes it one of the most common dermatological diseases.

What causes psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a multifactorial disorder where, among other things, a genetic predisposition as well as an immune disfunction come into play. While the exact mechanisms of the latter are still under examination, the genetic factor has been confirmed for a long time. For now, it is classified as an immune-mediated inflammatory disease (IMID).

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition the symptoms of which come and go or, in other words, go into remission and then come back again. The latter can be triggered by stress, an infection, mechanical trauma to the skin, immunodeficiency disorders like AIDS, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, certain medicine like beta-blockers and lithium or an abrupt stopping of the topical steroid therapy.

The lesions first appear as erythematous (reddish, pinkish) papules (small hardened elevations of the skin) which later progress into sharply demarcated plaques with a silvery scale on top. They typically affect the skin of the scalp, the knees and the elbows. As soon as the silvery scale is removed, scarce bleeding is common. The intensity of pruritis (itching) varies by patient. Simultaneously, the nails can also be involved, what happens in around 2/3 of the patients –

they can be pitted with small, pick-like depressions, covered in the yellowish, irregular spots or even begin to separate from the nail bed. When psoriasis affects the joints, typical artithis symptoms can occur.

How is psoriasis classified?

When it comes to the regular psoriasis, it can be differentiated into the early onset psoriasis (the symptoms start before one’s 30s) and the late onset psoriasis (the symptoms start after one’s 40s). The former is associated with a more benign course with more frequent remissions, while the latter is more prone to take the form of an untypical type of psoriasis. Among the untypical kinds of psoriasis we can find:

How is psoriasis treated?

Unfortunately, no treatment has been discovered so far that would make psoriasis go away for good. The current treatment aims to alleviate the symptoms as well as bring the disease into remission and is prescribed basing on one’s psoriasis type and the severity of its manifestations. In milder cases, various topical therapies are applied, including:

–   salicylic acid before applying other topical agents

In the more severe cases, oral therapy can be applied. That includes:

Additionally, an appropriately adjusted phototherapy can serve as an adjunctive therapy to relieve the symptoms to the fullest. When nothing else seems to work, the biologics are used. They embrace tumour necrosis factor inhibitors infliximab, adalimumab and etanercept as well as so-called monoclonal antibodies like ixekizumab or brodalumab.

How to care for the skin with psoriasis condition?

Besides applying the prescription treatment, the skin with psoriasis condition also needs special care. It is frequently itchy and tight what only causes discomfort. For this reason, it requires to be provided with a higher-than-normal level of hydration and moisture. MCCM Medical Cosmetics offers certain products to help with that:

MCCM XR Hand Cream

MCCM XR Hand Cream supplies the skin with both hydration and moisture. The former is provided by calming Aloe Leaf Juice, soothing Calendula Extract as well as appropriately concentrated Urea of extraordinary water-binding properties. At the same time, Rosa Moschata and Wheat Germ Oil repair the skin care barrier, locking the moisture in. The hands are no longer cracked and unpleasantly dry.

MCCM XR Foot Cream

MCCM XR Foot Cream was designed to repair the damaged, dry skin of the feet. Similarly to XR Hand Cream, it provides the skin with both hydration and moisture with similar, nonetheless differently concentrated, ingredients to best suit the feet’s needs.

MCCM XR Body Lotion

MCCM XR Body Lotion provides an instant relief to dryness and discomfort as its specially designed formula enables its quick absorption. Glycerin effectively attracts and binds water molecules in the skin layers while Aloe Leaf Juice soothes the irritated skin, bringing back comfort.

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