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NOHJ Peeling Bubble Mask

the story behind Nohj

NOHJ is a professional mask pack brand from Korea. Simple in appearance but unusual inside, NOHJ masks make it possible to get rid of many facial skin problems. By supplying their incredible products to the global cosmetic markets, the owners of NOHJ took into account all modern trends and created a unique series of sheet masks that give you youth and beauty. These products allow you to quickly take care of the skin without wasting precious time or spending extra money.

Like most Korean brands, NOHJ prefers to use natural ingredients in its cosmetics, which have been used in Asia for a long time. However, NOHJ keeps up with the times and sometimes even overtakes them. NOHJ face masks are made based on the latest Tencel technology. A completely natural material surpasses analogues in almost all parameters, while its use does not increase the cost of the final product.

NOHJ is a professional mask pack brand that believes in balance and harmony with one drop of essence and one sheet. The Australian eucalyptus is taken as the basis of Tancel fibers. Through complex chemical reactions, they are soldered together and form a miracle material that is used in many areas of industry. Tancel is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. It also has the following advantages:

  • bacteriostatic properties, preventing the reproduction of bacteria and microbes, which in turn prevents skin problems;
  • incredible smoothness—completely eliminates irritation and gives pleasure when touched;
  • the ability to control humidity—absorbing moisture twice as much as cotton and, when exceeded, promoting its evaporation;
  • ecological purity – the product completely decomposes and does not pollute the environment during production.

NOHJ professional face masks perfectly adhere to the skin, provide a tight fit, and repeat all the curves of the relief, which helps to maximize the effect of the ingredients included in the composition. The presented masks are impregnated with a highly concentrated essence that begins to act upon the first touch of the skin.

NOHJ makes every effort to avoid any external contaminants during the folding sheet process in order to produce hygienic mask packs. NOHJ is the process of putting the mask pack sheet into the packing by using the machine, and it is done as hygienically as possible.

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