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Unfortunately nothing is endless, sooner or later you will have to take a break from your eyelash extensions. If that’s your first experience of using this product, we are so happy to give you the most reasonable tips and information how to remove your eyelash extensions without damaging your natural eyelashes or irritating your eyes. Lash extensions are made to fully protect your eyes from the soap or water  that is why the adhesive won’t come off that easy. It will for sure take some time and effort.

On the one hand, it’s always better and more secure if you let the professionals take care of it by buying a procedure and avoid doing it yourself. This way will give you the result of 100 percent and provide the professional care, however it is going to cost you definitely some current sum  of  money.

On the other hand, there’s always the option to do it yourself. This way would take you much more time and some preparation work, but as the result you will learn something new and economise your budget. We would love to share with you one of the simplest ways how to do it in the perfect home atmosphere.

First of all, it’s strongly recommended to take off the eye makeup. You can use your usual eye makeup remover and see the line where your eyelashes reconnect with the extended ones. This step is very important, since you can’t let any other cosmetic item stay applied on your eyes during the procedure.

First, you will have to boil the water in the bowl and lean forward, placing your face 30 cm away from the hot water. The safest way to avoid any irritations is draping the towel over your head. After steaming your face for 10 minutes and taking off the towel, you will need to pour olive oil on the cotton bud and pad. You will leave the pad on your eyelid for 3-5 minutes. After the time is up, use a cotton bud and gently remove the extensions by moving it through the lashes in a downward motion.

Following the given instruction, repeat the whole procedure for the second eye. As soon as you are happy with the received result, slowly wash off the liquid from your face with warm water.

Now you are absolutely done and you can feel your natural eyelashes!

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