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Shake It Off (Or Things You Can Use To Lose Weight)

You may have gained a few pounds that you now want to lose since you do not fit into your favourite pants anymore… How familiar is this scenario to most of us? While a healthy mix of a balanced diet and lots of exercises is crucial in weight loss, there is also some extra help available on the market. Let’s see which one is and which one is not effective.

What are the available slimming aids?

Shall we begin with the commonly known slimming aids? If you have friends who want to lose weight as well, they might have already tested if they work. You may wonder “What’s inside them?”, “Will I start getting slimmer having swallowed the first pill?”. Well, that is not exactly the case. Slimming aids mostly contain plant extracts which are supposed to boost your metabolism, including fat burning. At first, it sounds good, nonetheless, the effectiveness of all of them has not anyhow been backed up by science. Either way, they are not enough on their own.

Getting Slimming Aids In The UK

In any case, you may still try if they do the job for you. Just make sure you are buying your slimming aid from a verified source and the product has been officially tested. Simply type in “Slimming aids UK” or “Metabolism fat burner UK” in your search engine and you will be flooded with results.

What Kind of Fat Burners Can I Get In The UK?

In the UK, you can get miscellaneous types of fat burners, which for the most part are also available worldwide. Accordingly, among the fat burning supplements in the country, you can find substances that stimulate fat burning like caffeine, green coffee bean extract and green tea extract, curb your food cravings like Garcinia Cambogia extract or lessening the fat absorption in the gut including orlistat.

Best Fat Burners UK

Having heard all of these names, you may pose a question here what the best fat burners in the UK actually contain. If you would like to try one out, the most advantageous way would be to take a product’s ingredient list under closer scrutiny - check if there exists any research that confirms the effectiveness of the mentioned substances. This way, you will find the best fat burner in the UK for you.

Is There Any Difference Between Men And Women Fat Burners?

Another factor that can confuse the buyers when choosing a fat burning supplement is sex - namely, is there really a difference between men and women fat burners? Do we burn fat in the same way or should we use various substances to achieve the same goal? It turns out that this distinction lies only in marketing.

Fat Burners For Women

Fat burners for women are often advertised with the photos of lean and toned female bodies. That is also what the producers have in mind when composing their formulas - that women weigh less thus need a reduced amount of active ingredients. Indeed it is the only difference when compared to the product’s male counterpart. At the same time, the actually used substances stay the same for the most part. Similarly, no compound found in either version should anyhow harm the opposite sex.

Fat Burners For Men

As said earlier, fat burners for men usually contain more active substances than fat burners for women, based on the fact that in most cases, men simply weigh more. In the same vein, they are often depicted as ripped bodybuilders in multiple commercials. Having said this, you should not worry that being a woman, a male fat burning supplement will contain substances ineffective or harmful for you and vice versa. The weight factor is what counts in this case.

Fat Burners Safety And Efficiency

To sum up, you need to be careful with fat burners. They are not FDA - approved, meaning when buying one, you are relying solely on the manufacturer. Therefore, each time you should thoroughly research the substances included in the product for your own safety. Simultaneously, you should also check for their effectiveness - some, as it might turn out, really do nothing for you. Another crucial, already mentioned thing is that fat burning supplements are never enough on their own - the essential clue to successful weight loss is a healthy lifestyle.

Do Fat Burner Creams Work?

Concurrently, there exists a clinically tested alternative to the supplements that will safely bolster the effects of leading a wholesome lifestyle - fat burning skin care. At this point, you may ask “do fat burner creams really work?”, to which an answer would sooner be yes in comparison with fat-burning peels. Similarly, they will not do the job alone for you, but are effective locally, having a proven slimming and firming properties.

What Are Fat Burners That Really Work?

Accordingly, you could say that these skincare products are the fat burners that really work. The efficacy of their ingredients must have actually been dermatologically tested. In MCCM Medical Cosmetics Fat Burner Cocktail, Caffeine, Organic Silicon, Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronidase have proven lipolytic properties, being especially helpful in localized fat and cellulite reduction. Moreover, they activate the outflow of a lymph at the site of action, preventing undesired fluid retention. Ultimately, the product will beautifully accentuate the effects you have achieved with a balanced diet and exercise.

Fat Burner Side Effects

At the same time, when applying medical cosmetics, you will not have to worry about the potential fat burner side effects which come with systemic, oral use. That is indeed a huge reliever as among them, you can find truly perturbing and dangerous symptoms like hypertension, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, insomnia, stomach problems, behavioural changes and even death.

Exfoliators Are Worth Of Considering Too

Another thing worth considering are exfoliators, both in their chemical and physical forms. When exfoliating, we are promoting the natural synthesis of collagen in the skin layers, which ultimately results in firmer skin. Simultaneously, we are promoting the outflow of the lymph, averting oedema and stimulating blood circulation, supplying the skin with nourishing substances.

Face Exfoliator Brush

Likewise, you can give your face and neck the slimmer, more youthful look with a face exfoliator brush. The tool naturally increases the skin cell turnover, bringing out the underlying, brighter complexion. By stimulating collagen production, it supports the healthy, firm skin structure, reducing sagging and localized oedema. Besides, it will promote the circulation in the skin, giving it a proper nutritional boost.

Body Exfoliator

A body exfoliator is a tool that can be extremely advantageous to the skin on the arms, legs and tummy. It is naturally thicker there, meaning it will always benefit from an additional mechanical stimulation when exfoliating. The mechanism of its action is similar to the one described above so simply grab one and relish in the firmer, smoother skin.

Face Exfoliator Pad

Face exfoliator pads are a gentler alternative for the face. When used with a favourite cleanser, they help to cleanse the skin as well as get rid of accumulated skin debris that only makes the complexion appear duller. Moved delicately, they stimulate the blood flow to the face, supplying it with beneficial, nutritious ingredients. Regular use will result in smoother, firmer skin.

Back Exfoliator

The back is an area that is especially difficult for one to reach with their hands - therefore, the excessive accumulation of dead skin cells on that part of the body is not uncommon. Accordingly, the back needs some special attention when cleansing - a back exfoliator seems like a perfect solution here. It leaves the skin visibly smoother and firmer, plus it is nothing but pleasurable to rub it against your skin!

Glycolic Acid Exfoliator

Besides mechanical exfoliation of the body, an additional chemical one will only enforce its effects. Moreover, it will take care of the proper skin cell turnover at the very basal skin layer, meaning the new, upcoming skin will be smooth and healthy. MCCM Medical Cosmetics Glycolic Peel possesses the mentioned properties, leaving the skin softer and firmer. Its efficacy has been adequately proven, while safety - dermatologically tested. PART 2

Lift It Up — Face Lifting Cream

Have you noticed your skin getting slack recently? Or maybe you would like to prevent that from happening? Either way, a well-chosen face lifting cream seems like the way to go. It turns out that it can provide you with the effects as stunning as a surgical facelift without you actually going under the knife.

Good Face Lifting Treatment

With age, there appear particular changes in the skin of each of us. Eventually, they lead to the picture of what we know of as “aged skin”. First off, over time we lose collagen - a precious building protein that is responsible for the skin’s firmness and healthy structure. It looks like this process only accelerates as the years pass. Similarly, as we get older, transepidermal water loss seems to increase - gradually we have less and less moisture which contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. An appropriate face lifting treatment can visibly minimize these changes.

What May I Call The Best Face Lifting Cream?

At this point, you would like to know what you should find in the best face lifting cream for you. Well, we will gladly give you the answer. What falls under the category “best lifting face creams for face”, nips the problem right in the bud rather than remains passive. That being said, your product should actively prevent the genesis of the signs of ageing.

Maybe The Best Lifting Anti-Ageing Face Cream Online

We will tell you one more little secret - we probably know the best lifting anti-ageing face cream. MCCM Medical Cosmetics VLifting Cream addresses all of the needs of ageing skin. It does so by targeting their underlying basis - principally, it re-establishes the youthful, firm skin structure by naturally increasing collagen production. Being intensively moisturizing, it helps the skin regain its lost hydration - the appearance and slackness visibly diminish. Moreover, it actively promotes skin cell renewal, giving you the refreshed, bright face. This definitively earns it a rank of the best lifting and firming cream for face.

Not Only Faces Need Some Care

When preventing skin ageing, why would you limit yourself only to the face? Without much effort, your body can be equally smooth and youthful. Duh, it can turn into a sensual, pampering experience! There exists a whole range of products that will give you both firm skin and pleasure!

Skin Tightening Cream For Almost Every Part Of You

Having taken a shower or a relaxing bath… wouldn’t it be delightful to massage a skin firming cream into your skin? Over time, its effects would become as amazing as this feeling. MCCM Medical Cosmetics presents an exceptional skin tightening cream, literally for almost every part of you. The “Season” is a remodelling, firming body cream which actively reduces fat deposits accumulated in the body - that gives it the mentioned effect. Moreover, it helps to eliminate retained peripheral liquids, getting rid of oedema and puffiness. Carrot Extract and Ruscus provide an additional antioxidant, detoxifying boost.

Jade&Roll - DeAge Yourself. Anti Ageing Jade Roller.

What about giving yourself a relaxing massage to firm your skin? Jade, a crystal commonly occurring and used for ages in China, is also known as the stone of eternal youth for a reason. It fabulously cools and calms the skin and since it does not contain any pores, it does not retain bacteria. Nowadays, implementing an anti-ageing jade roller into your routine is a way recommended by dermatologists worldwide.

Jade Roller UK — Is It Popular On The Islands?

As mentioned above, jade rollers are recommended by dermatologists worldwide, meaning in the United Kingdom as well. Simply type in “jade roller UK” in your search engine and find the design that is just to your liking. Or ask around within the circle of your friends… it may turn out that is your best friend’s secret to their fresh, well-rested skin!

Face Massage Roller Can Impress By The Results

And what exactly does a face massage roller do? Dermatologists weigh in, clarifying that a great face massage tool helps decongest the fluid found in the lymphatic vessels which drastically decreases fluid retention and hence prevents puffiness. This is only enforced by an additional cooling effect of the jade stone. At the same time, a facial roller significantly increases the circulation in your face, stimulating collagen production and lessening the appearance of fine lines.

Simple But Effective — Roller Massager

It is indeed astounding what such a small roller massager can do! Its usage is so simple yet very effective - start by placing it in the middle of your face, working your way down the neck to promote the lymphatic flow. Just make sure to gently draw the fluid away from the face! Simultaneously, do not neglect the areas most people forget about when using a textured roller like around the lips area - they show signs of ageing as well.

Is Jade Expensive? Rolling Out The Price!

One last thing, namely is jade expensive? Nothing more wrong! Although this gem is truly both beautiful and effective, it comes in many forms just as its prices. They depend on the design, brand and quality, ranging from as little as £7 to sums like £50. Choose the style you like, whether it is simple or more refined. PART 3

Becoming Friends With The Sun (Thank You, SPF!)

Who does not like to spend some time in the sun, whether on a melancholic walk or at an outdoor party with friends? When sun rays fall on our face, we are immediately flooded with the feeling of warmth and joy. Having said that, when being not properly protected, such activities can be more dangerous than pleasurable to us. Luckily, some time in the past sunscreen has been invented.

UVA Protection Sunscreen Gives a Hand

After the invention of commonly known SPF, an introduction of a UVA protection sunscreen followed. It has been discovered that UVA radiation can be even more detrimental than already recognized UVB. Namely, it penetrates the skin more deeply, causing damage to the innermost part of the top layer of the skin where most skin cancers occur. Simultaneously, UVA is strictly associated with the process of ageing.

We Suggest The Best Sunscreen With UVA And UVB Protection

For the above reasons, neither of both types of radiation should be overlooked when buying a sunblock. Hereby, we suggest the best sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection - MCCM Medical Cosmetics SPF Sun Cream 50+. It offers excellently high protection against UVB and UVA, preventing photo-ageing, solar erythema, hyperpigmentation as well as skin cancer, when used correctly. At the same time, its specially designed formula soothes and moisturizes the skin which is particularly important as the skin becomes more sensitive in the sun.

It Is Important To Use Sunscreen Protection For Face

It is important to remember that sunscreen protection for a face should last all year round, not only during a few warmer months in the summer. The sun literally never stops shining and its rays can penetrate not only your window but also your clothes! Accordingly, if you are not wearing sunscreen in the middle of winter when sitting by the window under a blanket, you are still putting yourself at a higher risk of skin cancer and ageing.

Best Sunscreen For Tanning and Protection For Facial Skin Routine

The best solution for all skin types, yet especially for the most sensitive ones or those often exposed to tanning, is SPF50. Besides providing protection against both UVA and UVB, ideally, it should be also moisturizing and contain soothing, calming ingredients - the sun makes the skin more sensitive and reactive. MCCM Medical Cosmetics Sun Cream SPF50+ has it all - it is a safe bet for your skin.

Tell Me More About The Protection

Got more interested in the sun protection at this point? We will provide you with a short guide with the most essential information right below. Having read it, you will never be confused about the bewildering numbers on your sunscreen anymore!

What Is The Highest SPF Sunblock Available?

On sunscreen packaging you see a growing array of numbers from 5 to more than 50. This surely can be baffling - what is the highest SPF sunblock available and which one should I be wearing? The opinions of dermatologists worldwide are unequivocal: The highest SPF that you should use is SPF 50. Anything above provides minimally hence insignificantly more protection while creating a false sense of security at the same time. Having, let’s say, SPF 100, on your skin sounds extremely safe and makes you want to stay out in the sun much longer. Meanwhile, that is not the point - any sunscreen should be reapplied.

What Is SPF 15, 30, 50 etc?

Consequently, you may wonder “what is SPF at all?”. We come with an explanation. Sun Protection Factor or SPF refers primarily to UVB radiation. Its number tells you how long it would take UVB rays to redden your skin when using the product compared to the time without sunscreen. That means, with SPF 20 it would take you 20 times longer to burn than if you were not wearing sunscreen. Now, you will never be surprised by questions like “what is SPF 15?”.

The Optimal Solution Is SPF 30

If you do not have particularly reactive or sensitive skin, you may seek an optimal solution when looking for a sunblock. Since, as already mentioned, all sunscreens should be reapplied ideally every two hours, SPF 30 seems to be the best choice. While still providing relatively high protection, the difference between it and SPF50 is not that big - SPF30 filters out 96.7% of UVB radiation while SPF50 - 98%.

Why Choose SPF 30?

For the above reason, SPF30 might be right for you. If you still have not found a particular solution to your liking, we hope you find it at MCCM Medical Cosmetics. MCCM Sun Cream 30 effectively protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure including skin cancer, ageing, erythema and hyperpigmentation. It visibly soothes and moisturizes the skin irritated by the sun. Moreover, it offers proper protection against UVA which, as you remember, should not be skipped! PART 4

Let's Make It Bright(er)!

As much as we love how the sun feels on the skin, we would love it to be as bright as the biggest star in our universe on its own. Unfortunately, many factors thwart us in our pursuit of a glowing complexion like superficial skin debris or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. How to stop them from getting in the way to achieving your skin goals? We will gladly share our tips!

Best Skin Whitening Cream In The World (In Our Humble Opinion)

Our best skin whitening cream, probably in the world, MCCM Melano Whitening Cream, will definitely bring you the closest you can get to bright skin. A carefully selected combination of active chemically peeling ingredients including Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid, Phytic Acid (an AHA acid) and Arbutin effectively gets rid of superficial skin debris that makes your skin visibly duller. Together, they also care for a healthy skin cell turnover, making sure that the newly produced skin is only healthy and glowing. No more hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone!

Check This Skin Whitening Cream UK If It Fits You

Oh, have we mentioned that its main ingredient is Apricot Kernel Oil which teems with lightening vitamin C and antioxidant tocopherol? Moreover, it is abundant in moisturizing fatty acids that will only accentuate the brightness of your skin. Furthermore, Allantoin will soothe even the slightest irritation that might come along the way. Having said this, we daresay that MCCM Melano Whitening Cream is the best skin whitening cream in the UK.

Every (Body) Part Of You Can Get It

Further on, how could we forget about making the skin on the rest of your body equally bright as your face? You guessed it, we did not! Check what we have prepared for you and every part of your body!

Skin Whitening Cream For Underarms

Have you been battling hyperpigmentation on your underarms? We will come up with an effective solution! Our MCCM Medical Cosmetics Melano Out Body Cream will tackle your problem. It combines three essential actions in order to achieve a brighter skin: skin-lightening, skin-whitening and moisturizing of the skin. With regular use, it will make your skin renewed, smooth and luminous - it is indeed a perfect skin whitening cream for underarms.

Skin White Whitening Face Cream

When it comes to fighting hyperpigmentation on the face, MCCM Melano Whitening Cream will do the job. Not only does it make the skin brighter, as mentioned earlier, but it also successfully whitens hyperpigmentation. Its main ingredient, Apricot Kernel Oil, is a rich source of vitamin C which naturally inhibits melanogenesis - the synthesis of melanin in the skin. In the same vein, there are other ingredients which act similarly like Arbutin. Accordingly, if you struggle with hyperpigmentation on the face of any origin, MCCM Melano is the right skin white whitening face cream for you.

Body Skin Whitening Cream

When it comes to a great body skin whitening cream, the already mentioned MCCM Melano Out Body Cream will meet your needs. You can use it on your whole body as well as pay special attention to smaller areas like the armpits, knees, elbows, crotch and neckline - hyperpigmentation there can be particularly cumbersome! It is not just a good skin whitening cream, we guarantee that it is the best one.

It's Made For You

To make your skin vibrantly youthful, we have come up with another special skin brightening product. It combines multiple beneficial activities like skin-whitening, moisturizing, antioxidant and even antiseptic actions, providing the skin with the ultimate, complex brightening care that you have been looking for.

Skin Whitening Cream For Men And Women

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, MCCM Glutathione Cream will do wonders to your skin. Glutathione is a naturally powerful active whitening substance which is present in the body irrespective of one’s sex. Moreover, it contains more advantageous, wholesome ingredients that make it incredibly effective, regardless of whether you are looking for a skin whitening cream for men or women.

Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream — Easier To Use Than To Pronounce

Our MCCM Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream, besides Glutathione, is composed of other beautifying ingredients like Myrthus, Allium Cepa and Commiphora Myrrha. Such a powerful combination offers potent antioxidant care, anti-inflammatory properties, infection prevention as well as reducing the appearance of scars and uneven skin texture. Working together, the substances will make your skin brighter, smoother, softer and most importantly, hyperpigmentation-free!

A Special Skin Whitening Cream For Black Skin

If you have been looking for a skin whitening cream for black skin, MCCM Glutathione Cream will also be an ideal option for you. Its effectiveness has been proven on multiple skin types, including black skin. Therefore, it is a perfect skin care whitening cream no matter the colour of your complexion. PART 5

Regeneration Skin Care

Regeneration skin care is what we will benefit from regardless of our age - in our younger years, it is all about skin ageing prevention while when the skin is more mature, we want to take it back to its more youthful state. In order to do that, multiple antioxidants are added to the products - the mentioned substances effectively scavenge free radicals which disrupt the healthy, desired skin structure. Unfortunately, they tend to easily oxidize which lessens their health-giving potential.

Dehydroacetic Acid In Skin Care — The Science Of Staying Young

Accordingly, to maintain their efficacy, we would like to keep our regeneration skin care products young as well. For this reason, preservatives which prevent the oxidation of active substances are added to the formulas. One of them is Dehydroacetic Acid or its more water-soluble salt Sodium Dehydroacetate. In the past, it was disputed whether Dehydroacetic Acid in skin care was a safe option, nonetheless now the ingredient is officially approved in cosmetics.

What Is Dehydroacetic Acid Made From?

Even though it is more and more often spoken about, many people still do pose questions like “What is dehydroacetic acid made from?” or “What is dehydroacetic acid?”. We come with an explanation. Dehydroacetic Acid is a synthetically made pyrone derivative which is effective in cosmetic formulations at concentrations of 1.1% or less. It offers the product desired stability at a considerably wide range of pH. At the same time, it has proven antimicrobial properties, being active against mostly fungi and bacteria.

Another Choice Is Azelaic Acid Chemical Peel

Speaking of antimicrobial properties, an azelaic peel is definitively a better bet. Not only does it offer such an activity, but it is also regenerative itself. Azelaic Acid is a chemical peel that cares for a healthy skin cell turnover, successfully getting rid of superficial skin debris and therefore making the skin visibly brighter. Moreover, it actively fights hyperpigmentation. A true win-win situation!


Another regenerative ingredient worth mentioning is Deoxycholic Acid. It is effective in locally reducing the fat tissue in the skin, making it firmer and significantly more youthful. In MCCM Deoxycholic 10%, it has been used with Benzyl Alcohol - a preservative considered safe worldwide. Thanks to it, Deoxycholic Acid will be as potent as at the moment of opening the product’s bottle for a really long time! PART 6

Unique Care For Asian Skin

Even though the main physiological principles of the skin do not differ with its colours, there exist smaller distinctions that completely can change the rules of the skincare game. Asian skin naturally has higher moisture levels than the other ethnic groups which on the other hand makes it more prone to hyperpigmentation as the chief sign of ageing instead of fine lines and wrinkles.

Take Advantage Of Asian Skincare Products

For the above-mentioned reason, Asian skincare products focus on stimulating the skin cell turnover process and skin brightening from the very beginning of a routine to its end. They teem with revitalizing ingredients which get rid of the superficial skin debris, preventing dullness of the skin, as well as inhibit melanogenesis - the synthesis of melanin, which averts unwanted hyperpigmentation. The former action also prevents the formation of comedones and hence breakouts that also happen to occur more frequently in Asian skin.

The Best Skincare Products For Asian Skin (From Our Perspective)

Accordingly, the best skincare products for Asian skin will contain appropriately high concentrations of revitalizing substances that will sufficiently stimulate skin cell turnover and prevent hyperpigmentation, resulting from both ageing and acne. From our perspective, they are carefully selected chemical peels that meet every of the mentioned needs - such cosmetics are not only the best Asian skincare products for acne but overall.

Hyperpigmentation Has a Solution

Although hyperpigmentation, commonly occurring in Asian skin, can indeed be cumbersome, it really does have a solution. At MCCM Medical Cosmetics, we offer a broad spectrum of chemical peels which not only brighten but also whiten the complexion - yes, these two actions can be effectively combined! This way, the already existing hyperpigmentation is diminished and the new one is prevented.

Chemical Peels For Hyperpigmentation

One of the best chemical peels for hyperpigmentation is our MCCM Whitening Peel - it possesses both of the above-mentioned properties - both fighting and preventing hyperpigmentation. It contains a powerful, carefully selected combination of brightening and whitening ingredients including Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid. Not only does it avert uneven skin tone, but also wards off acne and dullness. Furthermore, it can be classified as one of the most effective black skin chemical peels and best chemical peels for pigmentation in general.

There Are Multiple Types Of Chemical Peels (Hyperpigmentation)

Besides, there exist other types of chemical peels for hyperpigmentation. By and large, we can categorize them into two bigger groups: the one which removes the epidermis, bringing out the underlying, brighter skin and the one which actively inhibits melanogenesis - the production process of melanin, the skin pigment in its lower layers. The former category contains ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid while the latter substances like vitamin C, kojic acid or azelaic acid. Before you ask, no, azelaic acid was not mentioned twice as a mistake - it does possess both of the mentioned activities!

”How Many Chemical Peels To See Results?” — People Are Asking

Further on, as you have got to know the types of chemical peels, now you would like to know their desired application frequency. “How many chemical peels to see the results?” is a very commonly asked question. The answer is not too many, but not too little - the skin turnover time, meaning the period needed by skin cells to get from the basal skin layer to the skin’s surface, lasts exactly 28 days. It means that you will start seeing the first visible results of a product not earlier than approximately 4 weeks and whether you are using your peeling once or twice a week, it will not make it happen sooner.

It Will Help With Acne Scars

Moreover, chemical peels will not only help with hyperpigmentation but also with acne scars. They turn out to be extremely helpful in Asian skin as it is more prone to comedones formation and thus breakouts.

How Can Chemical Peels Help Acne Scars?

Can chemical peels really help acne scars? They sure can! As mentioned earlier, the substances penetrate deep into the basal skin layers, influencing the formation of the new skin and the skin cell turnover process. Thanks to such an activity, chemical peels make sure that the newly produced skin is of a healthy, desired structure, diminishing the appearance of acne scars.

Using Chemical Peels For Acne Scarring

Among the most effective chemical peels for acne scarring you can find some of our MCCM Medical Cosmetics products including Glycolic Peel, Anti Ageing Peel and Regulator Peel. The last one contains Azelaic Acid which itself is also helpful in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The appropriate concentration of the ingredients makes them efficacious, notably reducing the visibility of acne scarring. We are proud to say that they are some of the best chemical peels for scar removal.

Yes They Can! — Chemical Peels Remove Scars!

Now you know that chemical peels can remove scars and that they do work for acne. Depending on your skin type and whether it falls within a drier or an oilier spectrum, use them accordingly once or twice a week on the cleansed skin. Remember, do not get discouraged when waiting for your new, smooth skin!

Short Answer To — What Are Chemical Peels For Acne?

Let’s repeat that one more time, what chemical peels are for acne. First off, they get rid of the accumulated superficial skin debris, making the pores less likely to clog - goodbye comedones! Moreover, this way, they deprive the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes from their breeding ground. Secondly, they make sure that the newly produced skin is of a healthy architecture and is nothing but smooth and bright.

Where To Get It?

At this point, you are probably wondering where to get the right chemical peel for you. There are many options and hereunder we present you the best ones.

Where To Buy Chemical Peels Online?

Maybe you are pondering where to buy chemical peels online. Namely, there exist multiple online cosmetic stores where our products are easily accessible. To get a full picture of our chemical peels offers, please visit our official MCCM Medical Cosmetics website.

How Much Are Chemical Peels?

How much are chemical peels? Their prices vary, nonetheless, they mostly correlate with the active ingredients’ concentration in a product. At MCCM Medical Cosmetics, we offer dermatologically tested products with proven efficacy.

Can You Get Chemical Peels In Birmingham?

Surely you can get your best chemical peels in Birmingham as well. Check out your local pharmacies and drug stores and if the products are not available there, a lot of cosmetic online stores offer free shipping within the UK!

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November 25, 2020

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