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How to use mesotherapy crystalized powder vials: your ultimate guide

Crystalized powder vials

Skincare Q&A

Crystalized powder vials are one of the most common ways to store mesotherapy active substances not without a reason. The form of a crystalized powder not only offers a higher concentration of the ingredient since it is devoid of any stabilizing additives, but it also has a considerably longer shelflife provided the product is stored correctly. How to properly use them when preparing injections from the start to the very finish?

Starting from scratch, what do you need?

  • a crystalized powder vial with the active ingredient
  • an ampoule/vial with a special mesotherapy solution or a serum to dissolve the active ingredient in
  • a syringe with a needle
  • an alcohol-based disinfectant solution
  • two clean wipes
  • a sharps container for the used needle

Prepare all of the above on a flat, even and clean surface so that you have everything you need easily within your reach. Before starting anything, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water. You need to keep the conditions sterile so that the injectable solution does not get contaminated.

How to properly open the crystalized powder vials?

  1. Carefully open the ampoule/vial with the solution/serum. If you have an ampoule, gently press above the colored line at the top of the ampoule - its top should fall off freely. If you have a vial, use your thumb to flip the top off until you see a stopper - do not touch it.
  2. If you have a vial, disinfect the stopper with a wipe sprayed with alcohol for about 7 seconds. Let it dry freely on its own; do not blow it nor fan it.
  3. Prepare your syringe and needle.

How to properly draw up the solution into the syringe?

  1. Before doing anything, measure how much of the solution in ml you will need to draw into the syringe. That is how much air you will first need to fill the syringe with.
  2. Take the syringe into your hand. By pulling on its plunger, carefully fill the syringe with the measured amount of air.
  3. Put the needle straight through the stopper/into the ampoule.
  4. Push the syringe plunger down so that the air goes into the solution/serum.
  5. If you have a vial, take it up into your second hand and turn it upside down so that it is above the syringe. If you have an ampoule, do it more carefully at an angle. Such an action allows you to draw the solution/serum more easily.
  6. Pull back on the syringe plunger and draw up the serum/solution into the syringe until you reach the earlier measured amount in ml.
  7. Confidently pull the needle out.

How to correctly add liquid into the crystalized powder?

  1. Put the needle directly through the stopper of the crystalized powder vials in a confident manner.
  2. Push the solution/serum into the vial while controlling the plunger. Make sure you let everything out.
  3. Take the needle out and throw it into the sharps container.

How to mix the powder with the solution well?

To mix the crystalized powder with the solution/serum the right way, you should not use any excessively forceful movements - it would only work to your disadvantage. Instead, gently agitate the vial and delicately roll it between your hands while maintaining the vial in the vertical position until the crystalized powder is completely dissolved. Disinfect the vial’s stopper with a wipe sprayed with alcohol for about 7 seconds. Similarly, do not blow at it nor fan it. Voilà! You have your mesotherapy treatment prepared and ready to inject!

How to properly draw out the prepared solution?

In order to correctly draw out the prepared treatment from the vial, follow the same steps as when drawing the solution/serum out of the ampoule/vial. Before injecting it though, push the syringe’s plunger carefully forward so that you make sure that there is no air at the very top and you will be directly injecting the treatment solution.

Additional crystalized powder vials tips!

  • Store your crystalized powder vials in a dry place.
  • Protect them from the sun.
  • Keep the temperature around them about 5 - 25 degrees Celsius.
  • It will ensure that your crystalized powder vials will have the longest possible shelflife and nothing will happen to the active ingredients.

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By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

January 18, 2022

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