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LIPO LAX+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula: Your solution for unwanted skin fat deposits.


Skincare Q&A

The subcutaneous fat is an integral layer of the skin, located just below the dermis, yet in some parts of our bodies it tends to accumulate more than in other locations, that is in the neck, the arms, the abdomen and the thighs. Because of it, we have to do with a so-called „second chin”, flabby arms, sides and cellulite. On top of that, the skin stretches and gets thinner hence saggier what forms another problem once the excessive skin fat is reduced. Fortunately, the newest formula of Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced addresses both issues alike - it effectively gets rid of the amassed subcutaneous fat in the problem areas as well as makes sure that the skin above remains smooth and firm. Try it yourself and see that Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced will be also your solution for unwanted skin fat deposits.

The fat tissue of the skin is made out of the adipocytes, or the cells which are responsible for lipid storage. Lipids, on the other hand, are deposited in the form of the triglycerides or triacylglycerols - the molecules comprised of one glycerol molecule and three fatty acids molecules each. Chemically speaking, they are neutral, large esters free of charge what makes it difficult for them to escape the fatty tissue on their own. In order to do that so that they can enter the bloodstream, the triglycerides need to be broken down to glycerol and free fatty acids which are of a much smaller size and can attach themselves to carrier substances. This breaking down process is professionally called the lipolysis - the „lipo” standing for „lipids” and „lysis” meaning „rupture”.

Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula acts by enhancing lipolysis (and more!)

Lipolysis is essential to disposing of unwanted fat deposits in the skin - without it, no matter what else we did, the molecules which make up fat could never enter the bloodstream and be eliminated. Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced contains L-Carnitine,  the active amino acid which is widely known to effectively stimulate the process of lipolysis. Upon the injection of the solution, the triglycerides of the adipocytes are broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids. Yet, it is not where the magic stops.

Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced is also comprised of two other potent compounds, namely Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and Deoxycholate (DC). Deoxycholate is a completely natural bile salt which breaks down the fat into smaller pieces on its own, yet in combination with Phosphatidylcholine it is even more effective and safer. Apart from its protective and enhancing functions, the latter substance also notably facilitates the drainage of the released fat molecules into the bloodstream, from where the substances can be for good excreted by the kidneys and the liver - farewell, unwanted fat, once and for all!

  • To sum up, Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula disposes of skin fat deposits by promoting local lipolysis, breaking down the fat into smaller, more easily eliminable pieces and facilitating the process of transporting the broken down fat into the bloodstream from where they are ultimately excreted by the liver and the kidneys.

Lipo Lax Solution does not forget about the skin on top!

One of the most common skin problems you can struggle with after disposing of the subcutaneous fat deposits is thin, stretched out, saggy and flabby skin on top. However, with Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced we’ve got you covered! The solution is rich in peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, that ensure your skin’s firmness, smoothness and elasticity post-procedure. It is all due to the fact that peptides greatly stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, or the skin-building proteins that give the skin healthy structure and „bounce”. Ultimately, the fat will be gone while the skin will be as youthful as never before.


How do Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula injections look like?

Before anything starts, a professional cosmetologist should perform an initial consultation with you to get to know of your significant medical history, to examine the problem areas that will be treated and to plan your treatment in the best way possible.

The injections themselves are performed with a 13 mm needle and are completely painless. Simultaneously, they do not leave any discomfort or burning for maximal comfort. Every session lasts about 10 to 20 minutes (best assessed by a professional) - after each, you should take it easy for about 3 to 5 days for safety and best effects. What you can normally experience is some transient skin redness, bruising or edema.

How often should I do Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula injections?

The most suitable treatment frequency is determined by a professional, nonetheless most patients undergo 7-15 sessions, each every 2-3 weeks what adds up to 3-6 months in total for the whole treatment.


How soon should I expect the results of Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula?

You certainly can see a difference even as soon as after the first treatment session with Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced. Nevertheless, it will be the time around the third session (so after 6-9 weeks) when you will see more significant results. By then, the subcutaneous fat in the treated areas should have mostly decreased while the skin above should have gotten visibly smoother, firmer as well as more elastic and youthful.

Are there any contraindications to Lipo Lax+ PCC Solution Advanced New Formula?

Although the treatment is exceptionally safe, it is not for everybody. The contraindications to it include: intolerance/allergy to any of the formula’s components, liver and/or kidney disease (since they will be excreting the broken down fat), active cancer, endocrine disorders, certain autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, varicose veins, active exacerbation of a chronic illness and pathological tendency to scarring. If you have any doubts, you can always discuss them with a professional.

Order LipoLax+ from Quality Beauty Store as a single vial, 5 vials or a full box of 10 vials. All orders qualify for free next day delivery within the UK.

By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

December 27, 2021

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