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Where to order INSTITUTE BCN in UK?

Order Institute BCN

Skincare Q&A

Straight from dazzling Barcelona right into your clinic, order Institute BCN products which offers the widest range of mesoceuticals® and mesotherapy equipment of equally high brilliance as that their city of origin is known for. The years of continuous research in their laboratory have brought remarkably fruitful results in the form of efficient, safe and most advanced solutions which, what’s more, are easily blendable with one another what ensures 100% customization for every patient. Painlessness, no side effects as well as the purity of highly concentrated ingredients only increase the products’ tolerance and availability. It is a fusion of professionalism and the highest quality at its best - the BCN’s work ethics is guaranteed by ISO 9001 and ISO 22716. See it yourself what the acclaimed experts in mesotherapy can provide.

Order Institute BCN Classics - The original pure formulas

Among BCN Classics, you will find the original, staple BCN formulas made out of only pure, meticulously selected active ingredients. The solutions are completely sterile, meaning they have no preservatives nor additives added in order to achieve the greatest tolerance and effectiveness. This quality also makes them easily blendable with other BCN products, nonetheless BCN Classics are likewise naturally powerful on their own - the first results are seen as soon as after the first application. You can order Institute BCN products ranging from an amino acids mixture to an X-DNA gel, BCN Classics treatments provide excellently effective, 100% customised solutions for cosmetic problems both of the face and the body which include skin aging, hyperpigmentation, localized fat deposits, cellulite, scars, stretch marks, hair loss as well as skin flaccidity and dullness. Due to the purity and natural potency of the ingredients, there is something  for every patient. They are packed either in 2 ml ampoules or 5 ml vials.

BCN Cocktails - The perfect mix for every treatment

BCN Cocktails are the smart, perfectly studied ingredient combinations that use the natural synergies between active principles in order to maximize their effects on the skin. For an instance, BCN Melano intelligently integrates the power of anti-hyperpigmentation ingredients: Glutathione, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Citric Acid and Vitamin C, each of which enhances the qualities of the other. Likewise, the ingredients of REVITA-HA: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals and Coenzymes synergistically act together for the ultimate skin revitalization. Similar to BCN Classics, BCN Cocktails are 100% customizable, thus can be combined both with each other as well as with products from the other lines. They are also sterile, hence contain no potentially detrimental preservatives nor additives. They are packed in 10 ml vials to facilitate mixing with other active ingredients.

BCN Advanced - The smart peptide cocktails

BCN Advanced Cocktails uses new generation peptides, or special short chains of amino acids, which are able to smartly influence the skin cells’ communication pathways and positively change their metabolism - hence their name. Normally, with age, certain intra- and intercellular signals waver what leads to a drastically decreased collagen and elastin production and makes the skin thinner, duller and less firm. Peptides are both a natural and an innovative solution for these changes. They are effective on their own, nonetheless, they provide even more stunning results when combined with other synergistic active ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acids and vitamins. Thanks to them, the skin will be as youthful as never before and is bound to stay this way since, as mentioned, peptides regulate the cellular metabolism on a such deep, pivotal level. Besides, BCN Advanced also offers excellent cocktails for the hair and the scalp. All the products from this line are packed in 5 ml vials.

BCN Peels - Refresh your skin

BCN Peels include three meticulously formulated chemical peelings, each designed to focus more on a different skin concern: Peel #1 is best suited for the acne-prone skin, Peel #2 addresses the signs of skin aging while Peel #3 fights hyperpigmentation. At the same time, all of the peelings influence the proliferation and differentiation processes of the skin cells, improving the tone, texture and overall wellbeing of the skin. The skin is visibly regenerated, more luminous, softer, smoother and brighter with a homogenous hue and texture. The epidermis, the dermis or both are affected, depending on the intensity of the peeling. All of these qualities also mean that BCM Peels are very easily customizable hence there exists an excellent option for every patient. It is additionally possible to order Institute BCN peels to combine them with other treatments for the best results. All the peelings are packed in 50 ml bottles.

The BCN Peels line also offers BCN Neutralizer, or a professional post-peel neutralizing spray which is an easily applicable lotion to gently counteract the effects of the chemical peelings on the skin and bring it back to balance. It is packed in a 100 ml bottle. Institute BCN Peels are regularly used at our own skin clinic QBS Beauty Lounge.

BCN Prebiotics - The balancing essentials for everyday use

Aesthetic and cosmetic treatments can put a real strain on everyone’s skin and bring it out of balance. As the experts in the field, Institute BCN is very much aware of that hence has come up with an essential aid for every medical-aesthetic professional - BCN Prebiotics. Being a combination of prebiotics, highly moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients, the products do not only stimulate the regrowth of the skin’s vital microbiome which can be disrupted during the treatments, but also wholesomely regenerate the skin, providing it with moisture, nutrition and resilience that it needs. The skin is fully supplied on the inside, thus looks better than ever on the outside. The effects of other treatments are impeccably maintained as BCN Prebiotics offers effective protection against omnipresent skin irritants including pollution. There is no discomfort, only balance and gentleness. The line includes BCN Shield (a prebiotic day cream, packed in a 50 ml bottle), BCN Balance (a prebiotic serum, packed in a 30 ml dropper), BCN Intense Repair (a concentrated prebiotic formula, packed in a 100 ml tube) and BCN Scrub (a prebiotic triple action scrub, packed in a 100 ml tube).

BCN Pre & Post - Prepare the skin for the treatment and maintain its results

The name of the BCN Pre & Post line is as self-explanatory as it can get. The product range includes everything that one needs to prepare the skin for the treatment and maximize its effects as well as to improve and maintain the results long-term. Here you can find something with which everything both starts and ends, that is the pH-optimized BCN Cleanser, and maintenance treatments that prolong the effects of specific kinds of procedures like anti-acne treatments, microneedling, depigmentation treatment, anti-fat deposits treatment and more. Institute BCN has also developed the highest quality anti UVA and UVB protection SPF 50+ sunscreen that is crucial to the wellbeing of everyone’s skin, yet especially to the skin that has undergone multiple aesthetic/cosmetic procedures. Anything to maximize the wellbeing of the skin and to minimize the potential inflammation, discomfort and irritation. Order Institute BCN pre & post products to maintain the wellbeing of your skin.

BCN Tech - The most advanced technologies to apply the treatments

When creating BCN Tech, the goal was to design the most advanced, non-invasive and painless transdermal delivery systems that not only would efficiently transport the active ingredients down through the layers of the skin but would also improve the skin condition on their own by specific delivery mechanisms. The goal was achieved. In BCN Tech you will find two products: Mesolux and Revicell that are perfect for applying BCN treatments, especially BCN Classics and BCN Cocktails products. By temporarily opening the micropores of the skin cell membranes, they allow active ingredients to be directly absorbed by the organism while simultaneously improving the wellbeing of the skin.

What is Mesolux?

The Mesolux™ PHOTO-ELECTROPORATION SYSTEM uses high-voltage electrical pulses which transiently open micropores in the lipid layers of the skin cell membranes hence significantly increases the permeability of the skin for the maximized active ingredient absorption. At the same time, Mesolux also applies 633 nm wavelength phototherapy which activates cellular processes needed for collagen and elastin production, increasing skin microcirculation as well as the overall skin tissue regeneration.

What does Revicell do?

Revicell combines the highly effective techniques of radiofrequency and 590 nm wavelength phototherapy. Radiofrequency is an electromagnetic radiation that produces a temperature increase in the dermis, without affecting the epidermis anyhow, which, on the other hand, naturally increases skin cell metabolism thus regeneration. The skin’s architecture is restructured in a positive way with a significant increase in collagen and elastin bundles as well as other necessary proteins in the tissue. Revicell offers an innovative, non-invasive solution for the signs of skin aging and improving the skin’s smoothness, elasticity and firmness. The 590 nm rays only enhance these effects as this particular wavelength allows concentrated action on the dermis that is needed for skin restructuration.

As of 2022, Quality Beauty Store is an official distributor of Institute BCN Professional Skincare products in the United Kingdom. Order Institute BCN products before 3PM to qualify for free next day delivery within the UK. Contact us directly for training and education on how to use Institute BCN products.

By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

December 30, 2021

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