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Localized Fat and Cellulite: how to say goodbye to them for good?

MCCM Localized Fat

Skincare Q&A

Localized fat deposits and cellulite may look identical at first glance, nonetheless when put under closer scrutiny; they are totally different from one another. The former usually accompanies a general tendency for weight gain and happens when adipocytes, or fat-containing cells, become larger in size and volume, mainly due to metabolic changes. In cellulite, on the other hand, the adipocytes increase in volume, yet remain metabolically stable, while connective tissue expands as well. Enhanced fibrosis (production of collagen) at the border between the dermis and the subcutaneous fat layer eventually leads to the herniation of the subcutaneous fat into the upper skin. It gives the complexion the known orange peel appearance and is limited to lower body areas like pelvis, thighs and abdomen.

Discovering the above mentioned features allowed the scientists to seek targeted treatments both for cellulite and localized fat deposits. While there exist more radical approaches including surgery, less-invasive options are also a way to go, either as an effective enhancer of another procedure or as seperate care. Below, we present a list of some of the most efficacious topical solutions for localized fat deposits:

Fat-dissolving enzymes?

Logically, the most direct manner to get rid of excess localized fat would be to simply dissolve it. Luckily, it turns out that nature has provided us with harmless substances to achieve this goal. The enzyme lipase is notably abundant in our bodies, breaking down fat into smaller molecules that are easier to dispose of. Nevertheless, as mentioned previously, cellulite is also caused by connective tissue expansion - in order to be effective, a great treatment should also address that. Collagenase decomposes the subdermal collagen at the junction between the dermis and subcutaneous tissue - the underlying cause of the condition. Simultaneously, hyaluronidase maximizes the therapeutic effect of other agents, also contributing to diminishing the volume of connective tissue. Now, you can have all these three fat-dissolving enzymes together in one product - MCCM CLH Lipase Cocktail successfully breaks fat into smaller, disposable molecules, firms the skin and averts fluid retention.


Caffeine, a substance belonging to the group of methylxanthines, has been long known to visibly reduce cellulite and fat retention. It actively stimulates lipolysis (or breaking down the fat tissue) through inhibition of its key enzymes, hence prevents excessive accumulation of fat in the cells. Moreover, it has potent antioxidant properties which stabilize the achieved results.

MCCM Medical Cosmetics has increased the benefits of caffeine even further - in MCCM Fat Burner Cocktail, we combined it with Centella Asiatica, Hyaluronidase and Organic Silicon. Centella is shown to normalize the metabolism of the connective tissue, prevent excessive fluid retention as well as regulate microcirculation. Moreover, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it averts the distention of the tissues.


Lecithin is another alternative for a fat-removing surgical procedure, as well as an effective enhancer of more radical weight loss treatments. At MCCM Medical Cosmetics, we have mixed it with Sodium Deoxycholate - a supplementary active substance of surfactant properties. Together, they efficiently break down fat through destabilizing the adipocytes. Moreover, both substances show extreme affinity to the fat tissue, offering an extraordinarily targeted, concentrated action. You can find them in MCCM Lipolytic Plus ampoules.


The advantages of the oral administration of L-carnitine have been observed a long time ago. L-carnitine is a substance naturally occurring in our body, which transports so-called long-chain acyl groups from fatty acids into the mitochondrial matrix so that fatty acids can be broken down to acetyl-coA and made into energy in the fatty acid cycle. No wonder that such a naturally effective compound also provides notable benefits when applied topically. In skincare, L-carnitine is widely used in skin firming, since it visibly minimizes swelling and puffiness. Since it also alleviates inflammation, it additionally prevents the overdistention of the tissues. To control your cellulite and contour your skin to perfection, try MCCM L-Carnitine.

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By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

January 15, 2021

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