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Powder Vials

Skincare Q&A

Nowadays skincare comes in all shapes and sizes - that includes professional skincare vials and ampoules which can create truly stunning results over a relatively short period of time. At the Quality Beauty Store, you can find them in their two most popular forms - the liquid and the powder one. What really is the difference between those two and how to use them?

When it comes to the almost-instant efficacy of the product, everything comes down to its concentration. Naturally, the more concentrated a product is, the more satisfying results it can bring. The formulas of crystalized powder vials are devoid of water and stabilizers, meaning they actually contain more of an active ingredient per each volume unit of the product. The amount of the active substance though is usually presented in IUs or international units which are internationally accepted measure units of a substance. Following the official conversion methods, they can be easily converted into grams, milligrams and similar units. Simultaneously, even though they include no preservatives, when stored in a dry, cool environment, the powder vials might have a considerably longer shelf-life than their liquid counterparts. That may be particularly important in the matter of certain substances which naturally are easily oxidized and quickly lose their properties in a liquid solution.

To properly use a powder vial, you ideally should combine its content with water or a specially designed water-based solution (like MCCM Medical Cosmetics Serum Solution) in the proportions recommended by the producer. Nonetheless, what also comes off as a plus for some people, you can more or less adjust the ratio to create a gentler or a more concentrated mixture. Then, a thin layer of the blend should be applied on the face where it should stay for the period of time designated by the producer.

Simultaneously, some ingredients are better off in liquid solutions. Not only is this form easier to apply but also offers the producer more room for manoeuvre when it comes to blending the ingredients. To apply a liquid vial product, you can just massage it into your skin with circular movements or add it to a cream or a mask. More than that, this type of product can also be implemented in some professional treatments like mesotherapy.

What products are available as powder form vials?

The health of the local skin blood vessels plays a much bigger role in how your skin looks on the outside than you would ever suspect. Persistent vessel dilution, weakness and breakage are the roots of many common skin conditions including rosacea, spider veins and even dark circles in the under-eye area. An increase in blood volume in the vessels is instantly responsible for the erythema while if the vessels break and heavily pigmented blood ends up in the surrounding space, it may get even worse. Vitamin K is known to significantly improve the integrity and elasticity of the blood vessels what not only improves skin circulation but also prevents the vessel walls from rupture. For these reasons, it is especially recommended for the earlier mentioned conditions as well as in aging skin that lacks thickness and elasticity.

MCCM Skin Repair Cocktail will give a new life to every skin type! It has been specially designed to revitalize even the most tired and damaged complexion. While Retinol cares for a healthy skin cell proliferation and differentiation, simultaneously slowing down the aging of the skin, Dimethylaminoethanol Tartate visibly tightens and firms the skin. Tocopherol ensures the well-being of the epithelium, at the same time being one of the most potent antioxidants known until this day. Lastly, Sodium Hyaluronate notably increases the hydration level of the skin, instantly giving it a plump, luminous appearance while also contributing to the prevention of skin aging.

Vitamin C is a truly multirole ingredient. First off, it is proven to be a powerful antioxidant which effectively mitigates the free radical - associated damage. Secondly, it is an essential cofactor during collagen synthesis, meaning that without it, the process of collagen production cannot smoothly go on. Lastly, it confirmedly inhibits melanogenesis or the skin pigment production process, what makes it effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation as well as evening out the skin tone. After a few treatments, the skin becomes tighter, firmer and visibly has less signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It is also notably brighter as the vials provide the skin with a beautiful glowing look.

At the Quality Beauty store we hold a large stock of professional ampoules and vials both in crystalized powder and liquid form. Check the full range of our products here. All orders placed before 3PM are dispatched the same working day.

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By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

August 23, 2021

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