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Your skin will not stop being oily? Here is what to do about it!

Oily Skin

Skincare Q&A

Sebum plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of the skin - it strengthens its protective barrier, locking in moisture and warding off microbial infections. Nonetheless, in some, it is secreted in excess at which point it results in oily skin which then becomes a problem. How to control the sebum production of your skin and bring it back to balance? The solution may be simpler than you think.

Check if you are not overhydrating your oily skin.

Sometimes, when the problem of a too oily skin persists for a longer period of time and only seems to be getting worse, it all may be explained by the fact that you are overdrying your skin. The oilier the skin gets, the more you try to fight it while with every attempt you are unconsciously aggravating the issue. As mentioned previously, one of the sebum’s tasks is to complement the skin’s protective barrier which, amongst others, is responsible for locking the moisture within the skin layers. If the skin becomes drier, it automatically gets a signal that it should produce more sebum. Therefore, regardless of your other used products, you should invest in a great non-comedogenic moisturizer to balance your skin.

MCCM Hydraface Cream

MCCM Hydraface Cream is an ideal option if you want something light and simple. Having non-comedogenic hydrating ingredients like Glycerin and Serine, it is suitable for skin types that cannot tolerate heavier consistencies yet still need moisture. The skin’s sebum production is successfully balanced. Additionally, Mimosa Tenuiflora Leaf Extract and Tocopherol deeply revitalize the skin by lowering its oxidative stress and supporting its firm structure. Since the cream has a sun protection factor 15, it is perfect for your daytime routine.

MCCM Purifying Cream

MCCM Purifying Cream will ideally fit into your evening skincare regimen - for instance, use it interchangeably with MCCM Hydraface Cream in the morning - however will also be your favourite morning & evening moisturizer. Since it contains Apricot, it replenishes the skin’s protective barrier with soothing, compatible lipids which will not clog your pores yet tame excessive sebum production. This effect is enhanced by Myrthus and Myrrha, an antimicrobial duo, which simultaneously prevents the development of acneic lesions. Besides, Glycolic Acid will dispose of superficial skin debris, making the skin smooth, glowing and clean.

Poresrepair Cream

If you are struggling with enlarged pores and looking for a universal day-to-day moisturizer, MCCM Poresrepair Cream will be perfect for you. Due to its natural Clove Flower Extract content, the cream effectively reduces the pore size and smoothes the skin, improving its general appearance. The ingredients is proven to stimulate the synthesis of filaggrin, one of the proteins responsible for dense packing and integrity of skin cells, hence promotes the firmness of the skin. Besides, alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Sorbitol, it richly hydrates the skin, making it glowing and balanced.

Remember to tone your oily skin after cleansing.

Even if you are using the best moisturizers and serums, not toning your face after washing it may be the underlying cause of the excessive oiliness of your skin. Every time we cleanse, we cannot avoid stripping off the skin’s natural lipid mantle and disrupting its pH, making the skin vulnerable to all different kinds of stressors. Consequently, leaving the skin this fragile will only stimulate it to produce more sebum which serves as the skin’s main protector.

MCCM Facial Tonic

MCCM Facial Tonic has a specially designed gentle, yet effective formula which makes it suitable for all skin types including even the oiliest ones. A combination of soothing and refreshing Aloe, Rosa Gallica, Chamomile, Citrus Sinensis and Allantoin successfully restores the skin’s hydrolipic film as well as its healthy pH level. Try it and see how blissfully it feels on the skin.

Try a concentrated treatment.

Treating yourself with an intensive concentrated treatment will make you see remarkable results over the course of only a few weeks. It is worth it to give your oily skin such a boost from time to time.

MCCM Vitamin A Ampoules

Vitamin A is one of the most frequently used agents in dermatology not without a reason. Since it influences skin cell proliferation and differentiation as well as facilitates the disposal of superficial skin debris, it excellently smoothes the skin and slows down the process of aging. Nonetheless, what is shown by multiple studies, it also reduces the size of facial pores what helps balance sebum secretion long-term. After a full MCCM Vitamin A Ampoules treatment your skin will be firmer, more youthful as well as with smaller pores and hence reduced sebum production.

Check the full range of our MCCM Medical Cosmetics products. All orders placed before 3PM are guaranteed to be dispatched the same working day.

By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

September 22, 2021

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