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Stretch Marks: What are they and how to treat them?

Stretch Marks

Skincare Q&A

Although stretch marks or striae do not cause any health problems on their own, they understandably can be an issue of cosmetic concern for some people. What are they, how do they form and how do you treat them? Below we present you all of the newest info.

What exactly are stretch marks?

The body changes as we change with time - the same applies to our skin which stretches as a response to the growth of the underlying tissue. The latter can happen due to a number of reasons - the fact that you have recently built up some muscles, became pregnant, gained weight or simply grew if you still are in your teenage years. This is also how stretch marks form, provided the process of skin stretching is continuous and progressive. First, the skin usually becomes flattened and thin with a pinkish colour. Soon after, reddish or purplish, slightly swollen and plump lines develop perpendicular to the direction of the skin tension - these are called striae rubrae. They occur as a result of structural changes in skin collagen bundles, the presence of enlarged fibroblasts or collagen-producing cells as well as elastolysis, or loss of elastin bundles in the skin layers, what is all accompanied by oedema. Progressively, as the epidermis shrinks and the collagen bundles are once again reorganised, straie rubrae transform into striae albae which, as their name suggests, are of whitish flesh hue.

How to treat stretch marks?

Because during the phase of striae albae the skin lesions respond poorly to therapy hence are roughly irreversible, the best time to target stretch marks is when they are still in the stadium of striae rubrae. Here are some of the most effective solutions:

Argan Oil

As mentioned earlier, one of the key underlying causes of stretch marks is elastolysis, or loss of elastic fibers which are responsible for the skin’s elasticity. Multiple studies show that Argan Oil successfully hinders this process and makes the skin notably more elastic and smooth what has also been noticed in people dealing with striae. The so-called „Gold of Morocco” mainly consists of beneficial triacylglycerols and antioxidants, therefore restores the skin water-lipid layer, neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin’s conjunctive tissue. MCCM Medical Cosmetics offers only the highest-quality 100% Pure Argan Oil in a convenient form of a set of 1 ml ampoules.

Asian Centella

Asian Centella or Centella asiatica, is another natural and simultaneously effective solution for stretch marks. Copious research has shown that it supports the favourable kind of collagen bundle synthesis in the skin as well as stimulates the production of fibronectin - a protein crucial to the skin cell integrity which is drastically lost in stretch marks. Moreover, the plant has an antagonistic (or a counteracting) effect against glucocorticoids which in excess are one of the potential causes of striae for example in Cushing syndrome. MCCM Medical Cosmetics provides premium quality Asian Centella Extract in a set of 20 5 ml ampoules.

Ginkgo Biloba

MCCM Medical Cosmetics Ginkgo Biloba Ampoules will give the affected skin the ultimate health boost it needs and deserves. The plant has been considered a dermatological phenomenon for ages not without a reason. First off, it remarkably increases dermal circulation so that the skin has all the nutrients it requires to rebuild itself and truly glow. Moreover, it teems with natural antioxidants that prevent the destruction of collagen as well as help the skin retain its moisture. All of this will only support the healing of undesirable striae.


Silicon has proven to be effective in stretch marks in a couple of ways. Primarily, it increases the content of the favourable kind of collagen and elastin in the skin which, as mentioned earlier, is lacking in the skin affected by striae. At the same time, it tames the proliferation of the undesired enlarged fibroblasts in the dermis. The skin gradually becomes firmer and more elastic. Additionally, if that is not enough, it helps with hyperpigmentation - a condition which often goes in pair with stretch marks. MCCM Medical Cosmetics offers high-quality Organic Silicon in a set of 20 ampoules.

Derma Roller

A derma roller is a tool which not only will help you get rid of your stretch marks on its own, but will also increase the effectiveness of the above-described cosmetic treatments since it enhances skin permeability. MCCM Medical Cosmetics suggests two options: Meso Derma-Q-System and Hydra Roller with each of them having a different scope of applicable needles. At the same time, both devices firm and boost the elasticity of the skin by promoting the synthesis of desirable growth factors and collagen in the dermis. As a bonus, the skin will be stunningly smooth and youthful.

At the Quality Beauty Store, we can advice on the best products to treat stretch marks for you and your patients. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

By Dr Alexandra Postlethwaite

September 22, 2021

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